Work and life together – creating a bespoke fit

You’ve only got one life to live. We believe that instead of competing against each other, your work and life should fit together to suit your circumstances to help you achieve your goals, and have a fulfilling life. We know flexible working can help. As part of our mission to make flexible working the norm, we’re building a community and tools to help you. For starters, we’ve just launched our  job-share matchmaking tool and we’d love to know what you think.

Flink: helping you #sharetheload

We’ve just launched our community at and you’re invited to join us. We’re really looking forward to getting to know you better during our Mummy’s Gin Fund takeover day we can all raise a virtual gin and tonic to getting the balance of career and family right for all of us!

Two people, one job and zero career compromise. 

Flexible working gives people the opportunity to design their lives better.  Fit in the school run or the dog walk, triathlon training or potty training. It looks different for different people, using one or more options to suit you. You might choose to 

  • Start work earlier or later than the normal 9-5 
  • Work compressed hours, doing the same number of overall hours over fewer days
  • Work from home or a different location to the rest of your team
  • Job-share, in various different ways
  • Use a combination of the above

It all depends on your personal circumstances and goals. On how much you want to top up the gin, or the pension fund.  On how you want your career trajectory to accelerate, after having kids. On what work and life and kids looks like for you – and we recognise it can be really different for everyone.


What’s job-sharing?

Job-sharing refers to at least two people sharing one role in an organisation and it’s an increasingly attractive option. We’ve seen it in action, helping retain great staff, and bring people back into the workforce who aren’t able to, or choose not to work full-time. Job-sharing can mean flexibility and fit.

Job-sharers have a close working relationship, and deliver the same results as if just one person did the job, but they both work part-time. There are various ways to job-share, depending on the role. 

  • In a ‘classic’ job-share arrangement, one job is done by two people with the same skills and experience. You often see this in shift-work, and in support functions like administrative and secretarial positions. Both job-sharers have exactly the same responsibilities, and take over where the other has left off.
  • In a ‘job-split’, the role is divided by various criteria that might include seniority, capability, clients, projects or geography. Job-splits are common in the sales industry because clients tend to prefer a single contact person or rep.
  • Hybrid’ job-shares have a single set of accountabilities but the employees have some shared and some separate responsibility, and it’s often found in senior and complex roles. Hybrid roles really use the key strengths of both professionals, which might differ slightly.


Why would I job-share?

There are so many reasons, but job-sharing works brilliantly for so many people. For parents who want to continue building a career they’re passionate about, alongside family commitments (looking after kids, aged parents, the menagerie of pets you’ve acquired along the way). Perhaps you’re gearing up to take that side-hustle to the next level, and want to retain part of the financial security of your current role, while you plot world domination.  Maybe it’s time to retrain or re-skill, or simply to take stock for a while. You could be reevaluating work after maternity leave, a career break, or a separation, and working out how to fit it all in.


What could job-sharing mean for my family? 

Job-sharing is sharing the load. Depending on how you choose to work, it can mean sharing:

  • the load of the job – you decide how and where to work, and what to do with the rest of  your time
  • the financial load – job-sharing can help unlock career progression which can be difficult in purely part-time roles, as well as helping you land a job that would never be advertised as part-time
  • the mental load  – because two heads are better than one, and you’ll learn from your job-share partner and keep growing and developing
  • caring commitments – reduce childcare costs, work school hours only, arrange time off to attend school functions and appointments


We’re looking forward to talking more about flexible working and job-sharing on Mummy’s Gin Fund, and welcoming you to our community. The ideal job-partner could be already waiting for you. Come chat – we’ve got lots to share! 

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