What are the most Essential Baby Items?


Last week a friend of mine who’s pregnant with her first baby, asked me what she said was a ‘huge question’. Could I give her the top 10 essential things needed in the beginning.

At first, I wondered how on earth I would condense everything a newborn needs into just 10 items, but as I started jotting things down I realised that naming 10 items that were actually essential was quite a difficult task.

As a Mum of two, my list now is very different to how it would have been had I have been asked the same question following the birth of my first child, over six years ago. Back then, I’d probably have struggled to condense my list to what I believed to be 200 essential items. I didn’t leave the house with my newborn without a bulging changing bag and a lot of ‘just in case’ items. My change bag contents were cut in half after my son was born and I know if I was to have a third baby, I’d be a ‘nappy in my pocket’ kind of girl.

I made my list and sent it to my friend, but realised this was my personal list and other people may have very different ideas. So, with that in mind, I was intrigued to know what the Gin fund Mums would put in their top ten and how it would differ to my own.

With over 100 responses and 175 different essential items suggested, the results were collated (with a lot of googling to actually see what they were) to form the list below. As I suspected, it looks nothing like mine did. Had I have known about some of these items with my first child, making my top 10 list would have been even harder and I’d have probably never been able to leave the house.

Because of the incredible response to this question it has been decided to extend the top 10 to form a top 20. How does this differ to your list and would you agree?

1) Baby sling
2) Muslins (large and small)
3) Reusable nappies and wipes (cheeky wipes highly recommended)
4) Bouncy chair (fully reclining ones have proved most popular)
5) Baby nest/Sleepyhead
6) Babygrows/all in ones
7) Travel system
8) Lansinoh cream for breastfeeding
9) Support network/knowing the times and location for breastfeeding support
10) Grobag/sleeping bag
11) Nappies (lots!)
12) Swaddle blanket
13) Disposable underwear/maternity pads and Tena pants
14) Bath support
15) Warm all in one/snowsuit (for winter babies)
16) Cuddledry apron towel
17) Car seat (Extended Rear Facing mentioned a few times)
18) Morrck blankets

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