Under 1 Roof

Under 1 Roof in Woolwich is a centre that has a nursery (contact the venue for spaces for your child), soft play, shops, children’s classes and activities all “Under 1 Roof”! It mainly targets children of pre-school age, however, the classes and activities are for children up to 11 years old. There is a full timetable of classes throughout the week varying from dancing to football and music lessons.


Mummy’s Gin Fun Says:

This is a great venue for all things kids; it has a lot of space and is full of potential. My daughter absolutely loved the soft play area, which was very affordable and we had 2 hours in there. It is definitely a soft play area for the under 5s (as specified on the door of that area) with small slides, lots of soft building blocks and wall hangings with removable animal faces!

At about 2pm the soft play area got very busy so we left to investigate what else was on offer. Upstairs (currently only accessible by a slow lift) there is a fabulous sensory room and music room, which was occupied with a class at the time we visited.

Tucked away in a corner downstairs is a fully equipped theatre. We didn’t notice it to begin with as it is not well signposted but worth looking out for and I suspect will be well used for the Theatre Tots classes. There is also a messy play room which was fully equipped.

Last but not least are the shops. We had a quick chat with the lovely lady in Shortcuts, the hairdressers. Costs are £9 for a kids cut ages 0-5 years and £11 for ages 6-16 years. Please note that they currently do not take cards so its cash only, but you are able to book an appointment online. Then we popped in to Funfetti for a look around. Its a bijou shop with gifts and party items such as balloons, dressing up and cards. Right next door is the wonderful clothes shop, Crafty Pear. They sell beautiful hand made clothes for boys and girls. They can also do made to order pieces. You will be glad to know they do take cards. You will need it with all of the items you will want to buy!

We didn’t get a chance to pop into the book shop but it looked well stocked and organised.

They say:

Created by 3 local parents in February 2016, the centre itself is fast becoming the hub of the wider community of parents and extended family.  With free membership, and a wide choice of classes, activities, shows and one-off events, there is the option to come in, meet with friends, make friends or just enjoy the safe environment with your children

With a sensory room, children’s theatre, gym space, under 5’s softplay area, messy play room, networking room, co-working space, music room, meeting room, balcony space, 4 retail units, a family cafe and a children’s hair salon, the centre was designed to be a One-Stop shop for parents on an average day. For example, the day: taking the little one to a class, then needing lunch, and a haircut before their nap, but also wanting a little activity for them to do in the afternoon before buying that book for the birthday party on the weekend. But what about that new outfit for this party, plus a snack and drink whilst shopping for it. Under 1 Roof has the answers!

We run a timetable during term time with a selection of different activity providers, from diddi dance, theatre tots and Boppin Bunnies to Relax-Kids, GDND Street Dance Academy, Lingotots language courses, and Baby Massage. These give just a small snapshot of what we have going on here.

So, pop in for the class, followed by the haircut at Shortcuts Hair Salon. Lunch in The Menagerie Play Cafe, before the under 5’s Soft Play session, then on to look at the books and toys at the shop. Lastly, a new bespoke t-shirt from the clothing retailers on site. A day full of ticking boxes, but laced with fun and happy memories too.

For the older children, we run after-school clubs and adhoc activities from 3.30pm every day, as well as weekend and school holiday events. There is a creche (for the little ones), with reduced rates for combined hot-desking, and a holiday club available, so just ask for details, and of course, we cater for parties too and have several options for room hire!

Address: Unit 9, The iO Centre, Skeffington Street, Royal Arsenal Riverside, London, SE18 6SR

Website: www.under1roofkids.com/

Cafe: The Menagerie Cafe sits alongside the soft play and has a large window that looks onto it to give you piece of mind if you prefer not to be inside the room with your kids. Nice coffee (£2.20 for a latte) but I wish the cups were bigger! Two sips and it was gone.

Toilets: Clean with child friendly hand dryers and fun soap. There is a separate baby change room although we didn’t use it.

Access: Nice and easy for prams and wheelchairs. Step free access and a large(ish) lift to take you up to the first floor. They do also have stairs but they weren’t keen for me to use them. They still look they are cleaning them up after the building works.

Parking is the main issue for the venue at the moment. The website states that there is free parking, which is true. However, when we arrived there were no clearly defined parking bays and it was all a bit disorganised. A wonderful man helped to find us a parking space, but it took us quite a while to find somewhere. Once we had parked, I was then informed I had not parked in the right area so had to get myself and child back in the car to move. In all, it took us a good 20 minutes to park and get in to start enjoying the venue. I have heard that parking is their priority to sort so hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Nearest station: Woolwich Arsenal DLR is an 8-9 minute walk. There are lots of buses that stop nearby. The website has detailed information: www.under1roofkids.com/how-to-get-here.html

Phone: There wasn’t a general enquiries number that I could find

Email: [email protected]
Review by Sarah Lindsay

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