Thorpe Park

Home to rides such as ‘Stealth’, ‘The Swarm’, Colossus’ and ‘Nemesis Inferno’, Thorpe Park is a haven for thrill seekers of the adult variety. However, there is plenty to do for the smaller members of your family too.


We had high hopes for our day out at Thorpe Park, a theme park just outside London billed as “an island like no other, with over 30 thrilling rides, attractions and live events”. We got free tickets to go and were excited about the big roller coasters but were hoping for something for our little ones (ages 1 and 4) too.

The roller coasters didn’t disappoint! We visited in term time and walked straight on, there are five massive ones, one of which has 10 upside down loops! If you’re an adrenaline fan then this is great! We made full use of ‘parent pass’ tickets too (just ask at guest services) so that only one parent needs to queue for both to ride.

However, for our little ones it was a bit lacking. Our son is 1.15m tall and as such could go on fifteen of the rides, though only accompanied by an adult. We went on a mini rollercoaster, the log flume, river rapids, dodgems and several other rides. However there was nothing at all he was allowed to go on on his own (even the tea cups required him to be with an adult!) this was annoying, if one parent is queuing and the other looking after the toddler then my son couldn’t ride. Angry birds land had good theming but even that area wasn’t particularly little kid-friendly.

My daughter is under 0.9m and so she could only go in the Angry Birds 4d Cinema (which was pretty good!). Amity Cove is there to provide something for the kiddies, but when we visited it was closed and according to signs would be for the rest of the season, this information was not on the website so I suggest you ring. From what I could tell Amity Cove is a splashpark, beach and playground, fine but not worth the entry price, which, if you were paying full price it would be from £49.99 gate price and from £24.99 online price.

If you’re a thrill seeker over 1.3m then Thorpe Park is fantastic! If you’re over 1.1m and with a willing adult then you’re still good to go, but if you’re under 1.1m, or don’t have a willing adult then best give it a miss. Don’t pay full price as there are always deals for Merlin attractions around (Sun Newspaper, Kellogs, Birds Eye all do them from time to time). Finally, make good use of the parent pass from guest services, even on a short queue day it saved us lots of time!

Address: Staines Rd, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8PN.


Playground: The whole park is a playground if you’re tall enough! For littler kids there is a water/playground part called Amity Cove, it is only open on select dates though and wasn’t open when we were there. There aren’t details on the website of opening dates but I daresay you could get this information if you phoned.

Café: There are lots of eating places dotted around. There was a KFC, a Burger King, and a Fish and Chip shop offering a meal deal for just under £10. There was a pizza/pasta all you can eat buffet which was £11 for grown ups (less for children) and a place serving breakfast buffet for £6.95. It all looked like standard theme park fayre, a bit pricey, not great but will fill a hole! We took a picnic lunch and then had a cornetto each (which were only £1!).

Toilets: There were plenty of loos, with baby change facilities and they were in good clean condition. My son particularly liked the foot pedal operated taps!

Pram / Wheelchair / Mobility: We visited with a pushchair, it was easy to get around, all level with few steps (and always a ramped alternative route).

Parking: This was plentiful but £5 for the day, there were barriers on exit and we couldn’t see a way to avoid this fee.

Nearest Station: Staines.

Bus: There is a shuttle bus: 950 shuttle link operating from Staines station to Thorpe Park Resort, running every 15-20 minutes.

Phone: 0871 663 1673.

Email: [email protected].


Gate price from £49.99 on the gate or from £24.99 in advance online.


Review By: Gemma Whitelaw.

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