Taking the headache out of home schooling!


This post is sponsored by Student Nannies.

It’s back to school – but not as we know it. On the upside we don’t have to worry about getting uniforms ready or whether the school shoes can last one more term.

However, finding yourselves in an immersive teacher training situation has its own challenges (what on earth is a fronted adverbial and how do you explain rounding?!).

At Student Nannies we’re here to help parents with the home schooling headache. So first off here’s primary education student Kate, with her 7 top tips for keeping children engaged and enthusiastic, including letting your child feel like they have a choice, setting time limits and keeping ‘home’ and ‘school’ separate.

When it comes to maths, we asked further mathematics student Phoebe to share a simple way to explain how rounding works – clue it involves a road and a car! Younger children (Year 2) will do this at first with 10s, then by the time they reach Year 5 children are rounding decimals, so it’s a useful thing to master.

Finishing up the day with half an hour of English? Creative writing student Amy reveals an easy strategy to get your children writing some tall and exciting tales – it’s all about the ‘Story mountain’!

Kate, Phoebe and Amy are available as an online study buddies, along with hundreds of other top university students, covering all subjects (from English, maths, languages & science to singing, drama, music, astrophysics and zoology)from £10/hr. They can explain tricky bits, answer questions, boost confidence and encourage children on. The Student Nannies run the sessions leaving parents to work uninterrupted or head to the ‘staff room’ for a quiet coffee!

Learn more here or contact [email protected] or call 07876 391914.

This post is sponsored by Student Nannies.


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