Review: Sparky the Elf and the Secret Toyshop in Romford, Essex

** We were delighted to be invited to the brilliant Sparky the Elf and the Secret Toyshop in Romford, Essex this week **

Gin Funder, Kathy Yeoman-Owens, and her son, Sam, were lucky enough to check it out.

This is what they thought:

“My 8 year old son Sam and I have just spent a lovely morning with Sparky Tinselbottom (cue much laughter!) and the Secret Toyshop – a secret location in Romford town centre.

Our meeting point was given as the Level 2 Helpdesk in the Mercury Shopping Centre in Romford and there we were met by friendly assistants, all tinsel-ed up, who then led us on a short walk to a secret destination!! We followed the lead person, holding aloft a wand, through some doors, then through a secret corridor (with elf footprints on the floor) and in to the secret Toyshop.

In the beautifully lit Toyshop, we met Sparky Tinselbottom (Emma Swan), the Elf who was very engaging, interactive and coped very well with the young people’s interjections whilst continuing on with her story. My son enjoyed her doing the “Flosse” (not sure if I’ve spelt that right as I am not that cool a Mum yet!) and I particularly enjoyed her singing and playing the ukulele. Sparky told us a lovely festive story about toys and her work with Father Christmas (FC) which was very current and included references to Youtube, Instagram and the latest dance crazes (as above!).

I thought the set and lighting were great, especially in a non-theatre space, well done team!

We spent a lovely festive morning with Sparky Tinselbottom and I hope that you get back to the North Pole don’t have to clear out the reindeer poop!”

Sparky the Elf and the Secret Toyshop is aimed for children from 6-11 years old and runs until 30th December 2018 at the Mercury Shopping Centre in Romford. For more information and to book tickets – see

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