MGF Recommends

Peer to peer recommendations are priceless when it comes to spending your hard earned cash.

It can be such a risk to choose from a random list of local shops, businesses or tradespeople. That’s why we only accept listings and adverts from businesses that our members tell us are brilliant. Have a good look round.

You’ll find excellent electricians, bars ,beauticians, hairdressers, estate agents, restaurants, builders, childminders and so much more. Every business you find on this website has been personally recommended by local people like us. We are very serious about this. There are some things that money can’t buy, and our trust is one of them.

You can shop locally, support local businesses and feel confident that you’ll get a great service. This brilliant resource relies on the help of the community so please get involved. If you’d like to recommend a business, please get in touchIf you’re a local business, of any kind, who would like a coveted space in our listings, please contact us with details of references and we’ll happily chat to you.