My Quest To Find The Right Work-Life Balance


Learn how WeFiFo can offer flexible working hours and the chance to earn money from the food you cook best.

Getting the balance right. 

 “Balance”: that magic and elusive word for a mum of three young children with a husband who leaves for work at 5.30am and arrives home exhausted at 8pm. I have struggled to find the right balance for many years. I love working, using my brain and being able to earn money and contribute financially to our family. But I also love my kids and want to be the best mum that I can which means giving them lots of my time and energy. 

So how can you get the balance right? WeFiFo!

A few months ago, I read an article about a new start-up company called WeFiFo (short for We Find Food) that wants to revolutionise the way people eat. The idea is simple; all the people that love cooking and sharing food now have a platform to sell seats at their kitchen table and make money from the meal they’ve cooked. And what a great experience for the guests too – eating delicious home cooked food without paying restaurant prices and getting to meet some new and interesting people at the same time.

Reading the article made me think that this could be a really exciting opportunity for me to earn some money and also cook for other people, which is something I love doing. Plus, I could be completely flexible with the hours I work. The only thing slightly holding me back was hosting strangers on my own but, after talking it over with a friend, she suggested that we host an event together. 

We carefully planned our first event – a three course dinner at my house for 10 people. We posted the event on the WeFiFo website and on our Facebook pages and waited to see if anyone would buy a ticket. Sure enough, a couple of friends bought tickets (bless them) and then out of the blue two more tickets went to strangers…until we had a sold out event. 

We were a little nervous on the day of the event, not knowing who was going to walk through the door, but it ended up being such a success. Everyone was so friendly and the chatter and laughter was constant throughout the evening. And they were so complimentary about the food! My friend and I were buzzing at the end of the evening and we both had nearly £100 in our pockets after an evening that didn’t even feel like work!

Completely inspired, I have hosted another dinner and this time on my own; hosting with my friend gave me the confidence I needed to get over those initial nerves. So, now my head is full of ideas for other events. I don’t want to just host dinners as I want this to be flexible around my children’s lives, so I am thinking along the following lines…

  • After-school-drop-off coffee and cake morning where local mums can bring their kids along too. The kids can play with each other while the mums get the chance to meet other mums and have an adult conversation (while drinking coffee and eating cake!) 
  • After-school-pick-up children’s tea – an opportunity for kids to eat a healthy home-cooked dinner and for mums to socialise. If I find 4 other keen-beans we could arrange a rota and suddenly that’s only one weekday meal to cook instead of 5
  • Lunches for people that work from home so they can step away from their desks, eat some good food and network with other homeworkers
  • Picnics in the local park
  • Events for the older generation in our community who can often feel isolated and frequently eat alone. I’d love to see them sat around my kitchen table enjoying some good food and conversation

I think hosting events through WeFiFo will give me the work/mum balance that we’re all trying to find. I can host events when it suits my diary, I’ll earn some money, I’ll make new friends, improve my cooking and hosting skills and subsequently I’ll be a much happier mummy.  

If you want to find to more about WeFiFo and are considering hosting or attending your own event then visit or get in touch at [email protected]. The first 20 people to sign up and email[email protected] with the subject line WEFIFOMGF will get free site credit (we call it cookies) to the value of £50! Cook. Eat. Earn. Share. Go on, meet your street. xxx

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