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How To Do Video Without Looking Like A Div


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How to do Video Without Looking Like a Div:

2 Weeks to Video Confidence – March 9th – 20th 2020

The best (and fastest) way to create a genuine connection with your audience and build your business

If you’re ready to finally embrace video so that you actually start seeing real results from your social media and build your business to new heights in 2020, you are in the right place 🙂

WE WILL HAVE ONLY 10 EARLY BIRD TICKETS FOR THE DISCOUNTED RATE OF £47. GRAB ONE QUICKLY HERE: https://www.mummysginfund.co.uk/product/early-bird-how-t…oking-like-a-div/

Helen and AndyWhat it’s all about 

We’re drawing on our years of video experience to let you in on the secrets of delivering great video that actually gets results AND (and this is really important) how to feel comfortable doing it – even if at this stage you’re feeling terrified at just the thought of yourself on camera. 

We are going to be sharing the theory and supporting you in the practical, in the super safe space of a closed FB Group. 


What does the course include?

Membership to our closed Facebook group where over 2 weeks we’ll have:

  • 4 Live training sessions (if you can’t make it live, you can always catch up later) – covering practical video training and mindset
  • 4 Online video surgeries – come to us with your video questions
  • Worksheets
  • Group support and accountability 
  • Access to the group and video trainings after the course is finished

Helen and Sid

Why video?

  • Video has been a HUGE part of building the MGF audience – now 70,000 (!) and that’s partly because they’ve seen Helen on video so much that they feel like they know, like and trust her. At the end of the day, that is what builds relationships on social media and those relationships are what you need to get leads, make sales, or whatever you want to achieve in your business.  
  • Video is THE best way to build awareness of your business, draw in new clients, demonstrate your expertise and grow your community. 
  • 4X more customers would rather watch a live video about a brand than read a blog about it. 
  • Instagram is expanding on its video offering and it’s only going to get bigger. 

Now is the time to get comfortable on screen!

What’s different about this course?

Over 2 weeks, we’ll be combining clear practical training with mindset support and accountability, and you won’t just be taking notes, you’ll get straight into making videos of yourself, sharing them in the safe space of the group and getting supportive feedback and encouragement. This process of learning, doing, sharing and improving is going to get you not just started with video but get you comfortable with it, and maybe even enjoying it! 

But… you might be thinking “I just don’t have the personality type to create confident videos that my audience will enjoy…”

Or maybe “tech is not my strong point and I just don’t know whether I can actually get my head round the techie stuff that goes with video…”

Or the dreaded… “I can’t stand the sound of my voice on a recording let alone see my face on a video!”

Not to mention… “I don’t even know what I would talk about!”


But you know what, those are exactly the little mind gremlins that we personally have struggled with too and we KNOW they get in the way but we also know that those mindset blocks are signs that this training will really work for you and your business. Here’s why…


So you might not be the most extrovert, confident person… You might look at some people on video and be in awe of their ability to be completely at ease on camera, to make mistakes and laugh through them, to chat freely for minutes on end (like Helen!) 


Well, we’re not all like that. In fact, Kam-Mei is the total opposite, she had a real fear of public speaking for years, but is now regularly doing videos and running live workshops. Videos are still not her favourite thing but they’ve become so much easier, less scary and sometimes even enjoyable. We truly believe that anyone can do this. 


And you might not be a techie type… But even if you’re a complete technophobe, the steps we break this down into will make it totally manageable for you. We will talk you through practical steps on Facebook and Instagram as well as everything you need to set up – basic lighting, sound etc. and external tools like BeLive.

Helen and Jenny


What about not feeling comfortable with the sound of your own voice on recordings or seeing yourself on video? 

We firmly believe and know from experience that camera confidence is like a muscle. It’s not something you either can or cannot do. With practice and the right support, you can do it, you can get better at it and you can get really good at it! 


And don’t worry about not knowing what to talk about. We are going to help you out with content ideas and examples to learn from. You’ve set up a business, you have knowledge to share that is valuable and we are going to help you get that out there into the world. 


And what is going to make this experience even better is the fact that you will be jumping straight into creating videos but only sharing them in the safe and supportive space of our closed FB group. You’ll get really helpful feedback and have the chance to give others feedback too, which can actually be a really great way of learning and absorbing the know-how for yourself. 

How much will it cost?

Well, we are currently launching this for the first time so we’ve decided to offer it at a special launch price this time round… you can get all of this training and support for a discounted price of just £67. This course is worth at least double that and it will be going up next time around so grab a bargain while you can.

So if you’re ready to be brave (in a safe space with someone to hold your hand!) and make a big difference to your social media and your business in 2020, join us! 

You can get video confident, with all the practical advice, support and accountability you need in our pop-up group for just £67

PLUS – WE WILL HAVE ONLY 10 EARLY BIRD TICKETS FOR THE DISCOUNTED RATE OF £47. GRAB ONE QUICKLY HERE: https://www.mummysginfund.co.uk/product/early-bird-how-t…oking-like-a-div/


market round up


How much will it work?

Buy yourself a ‘ticket’ from the shop and we will send you an email with all the instructions.

Who we are

Helen Hamston is the founder and powerhouse behind Mummy’s Gin Fund, which started as a Facebook Group and has now grown to the go-to parenting community for South London, South East England and beyond, with over 70k parents supporting and cheerleading each other through the ups and downs of parenting.

Helen has been using video as an essential part of MGF’s online presence since it first came along in 2016 and has built a well-deserved reputation as a Facebook Live expert. She’s known for her relaxed style, even keeping her cool when interviewing her top crushes CBeebies’ Andy Day, and Sid & Rebecca! 


Kam-Mei ChakKam-Mei Chak is Mummy’s Gin Fund’s social media manager and is often behind the scenes of Helen’s live videos, making sure that everything runs smoothly. She is a freelance social media consultant and trainer and has worked with dozens of small businesses to help build their presence on social media. 

Also known as The Social Introvert, she specialises in helping introverted small business owners find their voice on social media with confidence and clarity.  


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