#ParentingLikeItIs to raise funds for Bliss


You know those times as a parent when things don’t go to plan? When life isn’t perfect? When your three year-old decides to wash his shoes by filling them with water, your dirty washing pile is taller than you, your home is carpeted in LEGO and your baby throws up in your hair?

Yes? Well, you can now use those experiences to raise money to help premature babies and their families.

How’s that possible?
We’re running a campaign to raise funds for Bliss baby charity. South East Builders & Decorators are kindly donating £1 directly to Bliss for every #ParentingLikeItIs Tweet and retweet on Twitter, and for every #ParentingLikeItIs story or photo shared on the Mummy’s Gin Fund Facebook page, up to a total of £1,000.
How can I help?
It’s simple:
  1. Share your stories of #ParentingLikeItIs on Twitter.
  2. Retweet other #ParentingLikeItIs tweets.
  3. Share your stories of #ParentingLikeItIs on our Facebook page (by commenting on the #ParentingLikeItIs post at the top of the page).
  4. Invite your friends to join in.
You can share images, words, or both, just be sure to use the #ParentingLikeItIs hashtag on Twitter so that we can find your tweets and count them for Bliss.
Each of your tweets and retweets with the hashtag #ParentingLikeItIs will mean £1 for Bliss (from now until either Friday June 17th, or until we’ve raised £1,000, whichever comes first).
If you don’t have a Twitter or a Facebook account, you can add your stories of #ParentingLikeItIs in the comments section at the end of this post, and we’ll share them on Twitter so that they count towards the fundraising total.


What sort of #ParentingLikeItIs experiences shall I share?

We’ve started collecting some already, to get the ball rolling:

Vicki Lamb #ParentingLikeItIs Waitrose style
Vicki Lamb #ParentingLikeItIs Waitrose style





Need somewhere to keep your biscuit. Vicky Pannell #ParentingLikeItIs
Need somewhere to keep your biscuit. Vicky Pannell #ParentingLikeItIs








Jane Stevens:

‘We were in a swimming pool changing room, open at the sides, and my five year old starts shouting: “My Dad’s Jimmy Saville; my Dad’s Jimmy Saville.” Can’t think where she heard it. Needless to say, we waited quite a long time before coming out of that changing room…



‘Visiting older relatives with a pristine home, my young daughter being a bit of a handful. We saw their piano and we were relieved – oh she loves the piano. So she sits down then promptly does a massive vomit all over their extremely precious instrument. #ParentingLikeItIs’

Designer Julia Baker:

‘My daughter said ‘Mummy it’s raining, oh for f**k’s sake’ when she was 2. Oops! #ParentingLikeItIs’

Julia’s children’s clothing and accessories website is Loola and Goo, on Twitter as @LoolaandGoo.

BritMums co-founder Jen Howze:

‘When my daughter was weaning, there was one particular day she was terrifically hungry for her food. She gobbled it up and clamoured for more. The minute I put down the spoon, she got a funny look on her face. There was a rumble, then the entire meal came back up and out, all over her, the highchair tray, the floor and me. The thing is, it didn’t even seem to bother her. She looked at the soupy mess then up to me and flashed me a beaming smile. #ParentingLikeItIs’

You can find Jen on Twitter as @jhowze, on her blog jenography.net and on the BritMums website.

Doula Laura Frankland:

‘Parenting is never exactly as you plan it, really. It’s nothing like the Boden catalogue and is more about masking-taping a squirrel to a skateboard at 7am or trying to explain to someone why they can’t shout about their penis on public transport. #ParentingLikeItIs’

You can find Laura on Twitter as @MugridgeMagic and on her websites Bookish and Laura Frankland Doula.

Parent Coach Janine Terry:

‘At pre-school my daughter and her classmates were all asked to draw a self-portrait, with the idea being that parents would be able to buy mugs and tea towels displaying the full set of portraits. Here is my daughter’s effort.

Janine Terry's daughter's self-portrait #ParentingLikeItIs
Janine Terry’s daughter’s self-portrait #ParentingLikeItIs

When we received our lovely tea towel and mug, somewhat puzzled, we asked her what the long black sausage-shaped thing she had drawn between her legs was. To which she proudly responded “it’s where my wees and poos come out”. #ParentingLikeItIs’

You can find Laura on Twitter as @parent_fairy and on her website www.parentfairy.co.uk





Share your #ParentingLikeItIs stories and pictures on Twitter now!

What happens next?

Keep an eye on our @GinFund Twitter feed and the Mummy’s Gin Fund Facebook page for updates, and be sure to retweet any #ParentingLikeItIs tweets which catch your eye.

The campaign ends on Friday June 17th, so anything shared after then won’t count towards the fundraising total.

Thank you to everyone who’s supporting this campaign!

More about Bliss

Bliss was founded in 1979 by a group of concerned parents who discovered that no hospital had all the equipment it needed to safely care for premature and sick babies.

Today Bliss is the leading UK charity for the 90,000 babies born needing neonatal care every year. If you’d like to make a donation to Bliss, you can do so here – and be sure to tell them that we sent you!

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