Ode To Gin Fund

As you stare into their perfect face,

You feel a little twinge.

It feels rather odd down there,

But you don’t want to whinge.

You’re grateful for this new life,

This perfect little being.

You just really, really

Would like painless weeing!


A few days pass quickly,

Your boobs look like melons.

The baby wants feeding all day,

A mini milk felon.

Some prefer the bottle,

Some just eat and eat.

However you feed your baby,

It’s a mean feat!


Eventually you venture out,

Show the world to baby.

You can do this Mummy.

Yes, I can. Maybe…

Everyone likes a peek,

Everyone likes a cuddle.

Woe betide sibling twins,

They’ll put baby in a muddle.


Then comes the fated day,

Mummy’s Gin Fund you will find.

All your answers in one place


You’ll make new friends,

You’ll get advice,

You’ll buy and sell like crazy.

Soon those early baby days

Will seem rather hazy.


South London is so lucky,

We have such a group.

Kindness and humanity

And a place for discussing poop.

Helen is our leader,

The original Gin Mother.

What she’s started rocks,

There will never be another.

Join our lovely community,

Come on in, please do.

Invite the Dads as well,

They’re always welcome too!