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Who am I?

Originally from Brazil, I’ve been living in the UK since 1998 and working in schools supporting children's learning, as well as their emotional and mental since 2005. Through my experiences, I became frustrated seeing children unable to achieve their full potential. This lack of development may stem from a range of barriers, social, emotional or developmental.

Together with my business, for the past three and a half years, I have also worked as a Pastoral care manager and a designated safeguarding lead at a London South East primary school. There I developed a great experience developing and delivering a range of programs and interventions. Through many courses I completed with Royal Borough of Greenwich Safer Community team and very challenging cases, I was able to stablish a great relationship between, families, school and outside agencies resulting on many success stories.

Consequently, I was inspired to start up my own service offering personalised programs which I deliver either in the home environment or in schools. I work on a systemic approach offering nurturing service to support the whole family and/or community around the child.

What do I offer?

There is a range of services I specialized or developed through my experience and training, please see below a brief explanation of my main services and how they could impact on children’s life depending on their situation.

Emotional Coaching

Emotion Coaching is an attachment-based tool that helps children to self-regulate and manage their own emotions by developing self-awareness and nurturing relationships.

Research has shown that Emotion Coaching enables adults to understand their own emotional responses and communicate more effectively and consistently with children about their emotions, particularly in emotionally charged situations, leading to a reduction in stress and an increase in wellbeing and readiness to learn.

Emotion coached children:

  • Are more emotionally stable
  • Are more resilient
  • Achieve more academically
  • Are more popular
  • Have fewer behavioural problems
  • Have greater resistance to disease and illness.


The impact on adults is also compelling:

  • Improved staff wellbeing as evidenced by a decrease in staff absence
  • Improved family life for children and their families
  • Improved teacher reactions and response to pupil emotions
  • Improved school staff self-regulation which supports positive interactions with pupils
  • Increased sense of practice competency and setting ethos


Restorative Approach

The restorative philosophy can provide effective strategies for dealing with children discipline, bullying, and all inappropriate behaviour; and as a conversational tool can be used to deal with any incident within the school setting where harm has been caused to relationships. A whole school approach can be as relevant to disputes between staff as it is to disputes between pupils.

It is important to involve, wherever possible, parents, governors, mid-day meal supervisors, support staff, teachers and senior leadership when implementing a restorative practice. The idea is that there are many pieces of a jigsaw which, put together, create a congruent whole- school approach to relationship building and conflict management.

The Restorative Approach links perfectly with Emotional Coaching. Emotional Coaching first steps focus on empathy, identifying and labelling feelings and emotions. Once regulated the restorative process can take place combining reflection and problem solving.

Contact Information
Twitter: @ThefeelingsTchr
Instagram: @thefeelingsteacher
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  1. We attend therapy sessions on a weekly basis.

    Ines is foremost very passionate about her work with special needs kids. She is going always beyond and above. My son feels very content with her and she became an important part in our challenging but fulfilled family life.

    Review by Magdale
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