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Sue Tappenden, Headspace for Change


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I am an experienced Coach, Mentor, Facilitator and Consultant and help working women (and some men) who have had enough of feeling like they are failing at too much, to make changes so they can do their best stuff and be their best self at work and at home.

Life can feel so tough sometimes and I get it.

My professional and life experience and my specialist training means that I have a real understanding of how life's challenges can affect us.  My approach is always to help clients develop practical strategies and make changes that feel possible for them, whilst challenging their perspectives and expectations that are keeping them fixed, stressed and overwhelmed.

Unlike many others who focus simply on what clients are doing, I help women make the shifts in who they are being so that the results are effective and long-lasting.

Whilst not exhaustive, my particular areas of expertise and interest are:

  • Overwhelm
  • Relationship issues, at work and at home
  • Leadership challenges
  • Supporting your Teens
  • Low confidence and self-esteem

I'm always happy to chat with you about how I can help so please get in touch.

Also happy to share my client testimonials.   Here is one of my favourites because it sums up what I do:

"What can I say about Sue?  She is smart, knowledgeable, really easy to talk to and a fantastic coach.  She can help the most overwhelmed unravel the brain spaghetti and see more clearly."

You can also find me on LinkedIn:

S x




Contact Information
Phone: 0780 1627947
Twitter: @TappendenSue
Instagram: sue_tappenden


  1. ‘Sue’s advice is always calm and considered and spot on. She is a true. expert when it comes to relationship advice and delivers her expertise in a wonderfully accessible way.’

    Review. by Helen, uploaded by MGF-HQ

  2. I think she is one of the best coaches I’ve come across. She’s very committed and engaging. She gets phenomenal results for her clients. She is highly skilled and qualified and credible.

    Review by a previous colleague, uploaded by MGF-HQ


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