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We make wear face wear fun with boutique handmade designer face wear. For every Smug we donate another to a UK foodbank. We champion small businesses with an all UK supply chain. Designed in Lincolnshire, Smugs are digitally printed on organic cotton in a family owned textile mill in Staffordshire, before being hand-cut in Nottingham, with stainless steel nose clips and adjustable toggles arriving from Leicester. Expert seamstresses finish the Smug with a woven label made in Pembrokeshire. Each Smug passes through the hands of at least six people(excluding the postie!) before dropping through the letterbox in 48 hours.

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  1. The customer service was very good. There were some initial issues with delivery, but these were down to Royal Mail. Communication around delay was clear and the issue was managed well.

    Review by Belinda, uploaded by MGF-HQ

  2. My masks arrived quickly and as advertised, not like on some other sites I\’ve used where it takes weeks to ship them from overseas and then they don\’t look the same! Was great that the masks were made locally in the UK, and they donate masks to charity.

    Review by Matt, uploaded by MGF-HQ

  3. Smug masks are incredible – comfortable, easy to breathe, smooth journey from start to finish, quick delivery, and charitable! These facemasks are very affordable, especially for the high quality and charitable donation that comes with purchasing a Smug.

    Review by Shannon, uploaded by MGF-HQ

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