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Smallprint Bromley capture your child’s fingerprint, hand/footprints, handwriting or drawings in sterling silver jewellery - the perfect keepsake. 

The range of jewellery includes charms, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, keyrings, cufflinks and decorations. All pieces can be hand-engraved with a short message or name and age of the child - space dependant.

Prints will be taken professionally to create the most from your jewellery.

Fingerprints are taken directly into the precious metal clay, no casts or moulds used - the piece you little one touches is the exact piece that will later become your jewellery. (Fingerprints can be taken from 16weeks old but some babies do not develop a stronger print until around 6mths-12mths) 

Hand/footprints can be taken safely from birth using a ‘mess-free’ inkless wipe. The prints are scaled down proportionally to fit your chosen piece of jewellery. (Siblings prints are reduced together so you always have their difference in proportion).

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Phone: 07766461975


  1. Kelly handmakes personalised silver jewellery. She has turned my daughter’s handwriting into key rings, she had used an old birthday card from my late Grandma to make pendants for myself & my sister & lastly has produced a simple letterdot.

    Kelly is lovely, she is dedicated to her work & takes you through every step of the decision process patiently whilst offering her advice to ensure you get the perfect piece. The quality of her work is fantastic & her range has something for everyone.

    Review by Sam
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  2. Kelly has made several beautiful pieces of personalised jewellery for me.

    Kelly’s service and attention to detail is second to none. One piece of jewellery in particular made me cry. Everyone I have recommended her to has been thoroughly impressed too.

    Review by Victoria
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