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Online classes, personal training, small group training and pelvic floor rehab courses.

We offer a full online timetable for mums called Mother Move Live Online. Classes consist of barre, circuits, mobility and stability sessions as well as Pilates, yoga and mother move HIIT classes all tailored for mums.

In addition to the group classes we also offer one to one Personal Training, specialist post natal rehabilitative training and 6 week courses held at various locations in South East London. 

Our head trainer Stephanie is a post natal specialist, who also specialises in injury prevention and recovery along with weight loss and sports specific training. 

We work with mums with diastasis, prolapse, hernia and pelvic floor problems who are looking to get back into exercise and use exercise to better their lifestyle.

Contact Information
Phone: 07496035779
Instagram: @post_natal_recovery


  1. Finally I have time to do a workout 3 times a week! Mothermove makes it so easy to attend workouts and once I’ve signed up for the sessions I feel compelled to attend them so I do! The workouts are intense and pelvic floor friendly and I haven’t felt as fit as I do now for several years! I work 5 days a week and have a one year old and a four year old so time is non existent, but making the time for myself to do the mothermove workouts has been great. They are only 45 minute sessions and at various different times. It’s transformed me!!! The free trial is great, what’s there to lose?!

  2. Mothermove has been brilliant for getting back into exercise safely after having a baby. The classes are fun and varied each week and are easy to fit into your day with a variety of times to suit different routines. Stephanie is very knowledgeable about post natal exercise and everything is pelvic floor friendly. I can’t recommend her classes/courses enough.

  3. Stephanie is an excellent personal trainer who is very knowledgeable about post-natal bodies and recovery. I have had good results and gained a lot of confidence in the time I have been working with her. Highly recommend.

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