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The early days after birth are so important.  Come home to peace of mind with postnatal care and lactation services from Nicky Harris and Tina Perridge. We offer evidence based care with daily visits initially and care for 2 or 6 weeks. Excellent breastfeeding support and 24/7 availability for concerns.

As well as a consultation visit we also offer an antenatal planning visit where you can discuss your plans in more detail.

"Thank you for making this precious experience easier. This is the kind of service every new mother needs and deserves."


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Phone: 07956418586
Facebook: South London Independent Midwives
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  1. Tina’s support in the weeks following our son’s birth was invaluable. Every visit left us more reassured and feeling a little more at ease with the huge transition of being new parents. She was deeply caring and hugely knowledgable – a brilliant combination for post-natal care! Couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

  2. Tina was just fantastic from day one. I think my daughter would have ended up being bottle fed if it weren’t for Tina’s help and advice with breastfeeding. Her gentle and knowledgeable approach is the perfect combination, particularly for me, a first time parent with no family close by for support to ask questions and get a best practice approach response rather than my mums best intentioned but not quite up to date views!
    I would highly recommend her.

  3. They cared for me during my third pregnancy and birth.

    Exemplary. They were professional, caring, supportive and provided amazing care – wonderful.

    Review by Rebecca
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