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Let’s clear the clutter!

Everyone dreams of a neat and tidy house but with today’s hectic schedules, not many of us achieve this.

Whether you’re a busy professional, an overwhelmed family, moving house or downsizing Organise Your House is here to help in London and the South East. I offer a FREE no obligation consultation followed by a one-to-one home visit where I help organise and declutter your space.

I work by a simple 4 R’s system- reuse, recycle, re-home and refuse. We tackle each project together, deciding what to keep and what can go. Organise Your House is an unbiased pair of eyes evaluating your belongings and helping you reach de-cluttering decisions you’re comfortable with.

Organise Your House specialises in:

  • Decluttering wardrobes
  • Implementing practical filing systems for paperwork
  • Decluttering bedrooms
  • Unpacking boxes and suitcases after a house move
  • Finding new storage solutions and methods
  • Getting a property ready to sell on the open market
  • Streamlining work surfaces, especially in the kitchen
  • Practical advice about running a household.
instagram: @organiseurhouse
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Phone: 07865465100
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  1. Ingrid is a marvel! She has so much passion and so much flair for what she does – it’s really quite contagious. She is kind, and warm-hearted and really good company to have around. She helped me to think what I really wanted my house to be like, and how I could make it work best for me and my family and our lifestyles. No forcing me to get rid of things that mean a lot to me (books!) but taught me to ask myself what I needed to keep and what I didn’t. By sharing her ideas and her enthusiasm, the ‘value for money’ went much further than just the decluttering sessions we had together: she gave me advice that will stay with me for some time to come. Good value for money, I’d say!

  2. I cannot do with out Ingrid and cannot recommend her enough!!! I wish I knew about her sooner. I have known Ingrid now for almost 5 years. Initially used her after we moved from a flat to a house and I definitely needed decluttering after the many years of accumulating stuff. She helped me organise my entire house from the kitchen (pulling everything out from the cupboards) to my shed. She is warm, enthusiastic and never pushes you to get rid of things you don’t want to. Also has a great sense of humour. We worked as a team and you feel the support too make the decisions in what to keep, recycle or bin. I still see her now a few times a year to ensure that I am keeping on top of things and my house (almost) clutter free.

  3. Ingrid has been to our home about 9 times to help us declutter. My partner and I both work, we have 3 young children and I’ve managed to accumulate and hoard so much with no time or energy to tackle it all.

    Ingrid has been amazing. She has helped us enormously. She has helped us to put lasting systems in place and to sensitively sort through what needs to stay and what can go. We’ve transformed rooms and reclaimed space. Her energy is immense.

    Review by Jo
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  4. She is a professional organiser and declutterer. I have used her services for my initial declutter when I moved house 7 years ago. I still have continued to use her services every 3 months so I can keep on top of things.

    Absolutely brilliant at what she does. Friendly, professional, great sense of humour, nonjudgemental, punctual and works with you not against you to get to your aim. I cannot do without her services and cannot recommend her highly enough.

    Review by Debbie
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