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Coming to Monkey Music is a fabulous way to have fun with your baby or toddler while knowing everything they are doing, seeing and hearing will aid their development.  Music plays such an important role in the early development of a child.  Babies were born to love music after all!   Our interactive classes and quality instruments engage the children in music-making in a fun and sociable environment.   They absorb so much without even realising they are learning.

Our age-specific classes mean that you won't have older toddlers and pre-schoolers in with tiny babies, allowing everyone to relax and just enjoy the class.

You can find us all around the country, and Kerry provides classes  in Eltham, Royal Arsenal Woolwich and the surrounding area.  Find us online where you can search for your most convenient class.

Monday - Shrewsbury House, Shooters Hill

Tuesday - New Eltham Methodist Church, Footscray Road

Thursday - Under1Roof, Royal Arsenal Riverside

Friday - Eltham Park Methodist Church, Westmount Road


Contact Information
Phone: 020 3865 8524
Twitter: @MonkeyMusicNews
Instagram: monkeymusicuk

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