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Mindful Mums offers free wellbeing groups to expectant and new mums. We focus on your emotions, wellbeing and simple, practical self-care.

Our groups offer an opportunity to:

  1. connect with other mums with similar experiences
  2. learn tips and techniques to manage the changes related to this life changing and often challenging period of pregnancy and early months after childbirth.

Groups are for pregnant mums and new mums with babies up to 12 months old who live in the London boroughs of Bromley, Lewisham and Greenwich.


Contact Information
Registered Charity Number: 1082972


  1. MM is a wonderful peer support extravaganza. Our volunteers make us what we are. Sharing their stories and experiences with pregnant women and new mums ensures honest, open dialogue around mental health and how our lives change when we become parents.

    Review by Jane, uploaded by MGF-HQ

  2. Mindful Mums is an amazing project that supports 100s of women each year to look after themselves during pregnancy and early parenting. I have seen first hand how mums benefit from the supportive, non-judgemental environment we provide.

    Review by Amy, uploaded by MGF-HQ

  3. The groups are amazing. They enable mums to meet other like-minded mums in a safe, confidential environment, in easily accessible Children\’s Centres across Bromley, Lewisham and Greenwich (MGF\’s stomping ground!). The feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

    Review by Gemma, uploaded by MGF-HQ


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