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Leaders Plus is an award-winning Social Enterprise who work with individuals during maternity leave, shared parental leave and beyond to allow parents to progress in their careers whilst enjoying their young families.  Too often parents feel they have to choose between being good parents and a fulfilling leadership career. We exist to change this!

Our Leaders Plus Fellowship is a 9 month programme enabling parents with babies and young children to accelerate their careers, therefore helping to close the gender pay gap. Fellows have access to training, workshops, top mentors, a great support network and a host of events. Past fellows have come from a variety of organisations including HSBC, BBC, NHS, Salvation Army, Citizen’s Advice, and more.





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Phone: 078 9432 0054


  1. Leaders Plus is a revolutionary programme challenging expectations of what new parents can achieve at work. They run events which are baby inclusive (including in the House of Commons, the first of it’s kind in it’s 100s year history).

    I have met delegates who have attended the programme and they speak very highly of it, saying that it has given them the confidence to demand more from their employer – asking for and securing promotions, pay rises, flexible working or taking on new projects. Basically, helping them to achieve their potential in whatever way they aspire to.

    Review by Dean
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  2. Leaders Plus did exactly what it promised and more – we have received many more sessions than originally planned and the mentorship support has been great.

    I have been loving my experience!

    Review by Sandra
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  3. I am a regular listener to the podcasts that Verena is issuing.

    The podcasts talk about working as a mother of small children which is extremely relevant to me and I think the MGF population. I enjoyed them very much and I think others will benefit from them.

    Review by Markella
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