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Kerry On Dancing is a Ballroom and Latin American Dance School based in South East London. The Principal is Kerry Tite. Kerry is an ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) qualified teacher with a successful background in both competitive dance and performing arts.

Kerry On Dancing classes are run in an exciting, structured low pressure environment. All 10 dances encompassed under the Ballroom and Latin American dance genre are taught. Once the basics are understood pupils have the opportunity to progress through the ISTD dance examination system and enter ISTD Medallist competitions if they wish.

Classes are available for all ages and abilities. The timetable includes a pre school parent and child class (Baby Ballroom & Little Latin), fun classes for school age children, plus a range of adult dance & high impact movement classes (Ballroom Burn). Private tuition is also available.

The benefits of Ballroom dance are endless. It encourages team work, communication and social skills. It improves posture, body alignment, strength and flexibility, it’s also great for cardiovascular health and self confidence.

Kerry’s aim is to spread the love of Ballroom dance to everyone that walks through the door no matter how young or old you are. Whatever your reason for attending a class Kerry will listen to your goals and help you pursue them. Whether your reason is to have fun and pursue a new hobby, get fitter and healthier, get out and meet new people socially, prepare the first dance for your wedding day, or take a more serious approach and work towards ISTD medal tests and get out on the competition floor - contact us now to get started! - Email:[email protected] -

Tel: 07711 255932 - follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see pictures and get updates, search Kerry On Dancing.

For classes I use various different venues in the area.

Horn Park (Old Colfeians), Eltham Road, SE12 8UE

Mycenae House, Mycenae Road, SE3 7SE


Contact Information
Phone: 07711 255932


  1. My daughter goes to the Saturday morning classes and loves them and I’ve taken up dancing again after almost a 20 year break!

    Kerry’s dance school is great for children (and parents) in my opinion.

    Review by Wendy
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