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If you’re worn out and stressed out, counting the hours to bedtime but more than anything you want to love your parenting journey.


If you’re fed up with the daily chaos, shouting way too much, tantrums taking over family life and using threats and bribes as the only way your kids will listen.


I would love to save you years of heartache and stress.


My 1:1 program is for parents who want to enjoy their family life, who want to know they are “doing it right” raise confident, respectful, successful, thriving children AND want to have a deep connected relationship now and for years to come.


If you’re ready for change. You want to have tools that really work. Where you actually get to feel good as a parent while holding boundaries and getting WILLING cooperation.


- imagine! Your children wanting to listen to you without you having to resort to bribes or threats.


This program is 5 weeks of 2 hour Zoom calls where I support you with your unique family situation and teach you the tools you need to transform family life.

To turn things around you need TWO things.

  1. A rock solid, simple yet powerful coaching mode.

Language of Listening® the coaching model I use and teach is based on positive psychology, transformational coaching and play therapy. It’s a powerful 3-step coaching model that is easy to use and will become your little bit of parenting magic.

You’ll know exactly what to say and do to change a stressful situation into a positive one.


  1. A new belief about yourself, your parenting and your child.

Language of Listening comes with 4 core premises that completely changes how you see your role as a parent, and changes how you see your child’s behaviour.

You’ll understand why you and your child’s behaviour and reactions make perfect sense and will change the way you see your child and the way you respond to them. You’ll no longer feel like parenting is an uphill battle as Language of Listening® works with how humans work.


With these two things. I know you’ll start to see MASSIVE changes for you and your family.

- Your kids will manage and control their OWN behaviour in ways you LIKE.


The reason they behave is because they see themselves as capable and have a positive inner voice. They are NOT basing their behaviour on the fear of punishment or missing out an on reward.


They will learn how to get their needs met within your boundaries. which means you are not feeling stressed and annoyed trying to control their behaviour for them.


And you’re not feeling like you’re going to implode with frustration.

- You will have a greater understanding of your children and a deep love and connection.


Want to know what it’s like to work with me? Come and book yourself a complimentary coaching call, get to talk to me about your unique family situation and your parenting frustrations and see if we’re good fit to work with me 1-2-1.

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Phone: 07958 941 802
Twitter: @keepingyourcool
Instagram: keepingyourcoolparenting
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  1. I was that shouty mum, who used to constantly say NO to my kids and get absolutely nowhere with any sort of “punishment” or discipline.
    I felt at a loss and didn’t know a way to better myself and build a connection with my kids – but I knew I wanted to change both aspects.

    And this is when I got in touch with Camilla.
    I wanted to find a better way to deal with my three children, have a good relationship with them and enjoy seeing them grow up, rather than be resentful.
    I didn’t have a great relationship with my dad when I was younger. We used to always argue and shout at each other. In a way I never learnt that there was another way.

    Camilla came to our house at a time that suited us and coached us through different methods. Methods which I had never thought about, but gave us incredible results in a very short space of time, methods which we still use now and are so easy to implement on a daily basis.
    She taught me in particular that there is another way and it doesn’t have to be the shouty way, the way I was brought up…
    I now listen to my children more, acknowledge and understand their behaviour better and can therefore react in a much more positive way.

    I am no longer the shouty mum I used to be – still not perfect, but I have definitely improved lots.
    And my relationship with my kids has changed so much, I often wonder why I hadn’t started this journey sooner.

    If you want to make changes to the way you parent and want to have a better relationship with your kids, please do get in touch with Camilla.
    I cannot recommend her highly enough.
    I am still learning each day, as my children are growing up and their demands are changing.
    But the grounding is there now and I know what to look out for, if things don’t go quite as planned.
    And I am still in touch with Camilla now, should I ever need that little extra support.

    She has been a true game changer in our household.
    Quite an eye-opener really…
    And I am very thankful for that.

  2. I used to shout at the kids, because I didn’t know what else to do and I felt like I was losing control. Of course this just taught them to fear my outbursts yet learn nothing from them except to shout in return, and at eachother. All the noise I taught them to make would trigger my anger.

    I was stuck in a pretty unpleasant vicious circle.
    I had these three awesome small children and I was ruining it. I was afraid they would grow up and not trust me.

    Camilla was recommend to me by another local Mum. We spoke on the phone at length and I arranged for her to come to my house once a week for 5 weeks to show me a better way.

    At first it seemed impossible to me as we poured over sheets of information. I needed to learn a whole new language it seemed. I knew it might not be easy but I began to apply the methods that felt most relevant to us.

    Within the first couple of weeks I saw positive changes. I had to talk to my daughter about an unusual incident where she had hurt a friend at school and istead of lecturing her I was able to calmly show her that I understood her with my choice of words and give her some guidance.

    I also quickly used the methods to help the kids stay focussed getting ready in the morning and put their own shoes and coats away when we returned from school.

    It continues to be a gradual shift, but I think it’s been about ten months since I met Camilla and I realised recently that I almost never shout anymore and haven’t for quite a while. We don’t have a ‘naughty step’ or send our kids to their rooms because we don’t need to, I talk to them instead. Consequences to actions are relevant so I don’t need to make pointless, unrelated threats of punishment. I don’t feel like the kids are deliberately trying to wind me up all the time because I have learned to see situations for what they really are. I am less reactive. I finally feel like I can understand my children and give them what they need to succeed but I have learned to also be very comfortable in setting my boundaries. I can validate and sympathise but I don’t have to agree.

    Of course I am not perfect and I’m still working to improve. Sometimes it’s chaos. Sometimes I don’t know what to do. I still make mistakes, but I don’t go to bed every night feeling guilty anymore.

    One of the best bits is that Camilla continues to be there for me whenever I need a little pep talk or some advice, and her Facebook page is also really useful. Her involvement doesn’t just end when the course finishes.

    Thank you so much Camilla.

  3. We love Camilla! We were somewhat desperate by the end of the summer holidays and a brief conversation convinced me that she could help us. We had 5 sessions over which to learn the toolkit with her. Everything she taught us makes perfect sense and really helps to understand your children and what they are (and aren’t) capable of at their age. Trying to expect and encourage certain behaviours when that part of a child’s brain is not yet developed just leaves everyone frustrated and miserable. Camilla is never preachy or judgemental, just kind and calm and funny. But not permissive! Applying the tools learned requires effort and perseverance, and we certainly don’t always get it right. But we are no longer tearing our hair out just getting through the daily routines. I feel far more understanding about how I communicate with my kids, and I feel closer to them. I’m also a bit wiser to interpret the root causes of tantrums and reactive behaviour, which really helps. And I’m better at staying outside the pit of despair! Our 6 year-old made his bed and brushed his teeth without being asked this morning which is a miracle! I still want Camilla to come and live with us but since I guess that won’t happen, I’m so grateful we had the benefit of her expertise. Thank you Camilla! X

  4. Had one to one help and attended a workshop.

    Amazing and completely invaluable help. Have recommended to many friends who have also found her super helpful.

    Review by Sarah
    Uploaded by MGF HQ

  5. Thank you! We can’t stress this enough – thank you! You have brought calm into our house and I have 4 children under 8 so calm isn’t something I am used to!
    We were trying, We’d read all the books but your course helped put the important points into focus and helped us realise out behaviour and response to our children’s normal behaviour was what needed to change.
    ‘Say what you see’- such a simple concept has changed our life. Building our children up celebrating their positives instead of reminding them what they have done wrong. Camilla teaches through experience and example and explains how to achieve this even when your children are pushing all buttons and making you feel powerless she has the answer to regain the calm in the chaos without shouting, reward charts or threats!
    I can’t recommend this course enough if you have children, are thinking about having children, work with children or are a grandparent this course is a must for you.
    5 stars

  6. We have just completed our 5 week 1-2-1 course with Camilla and wow the changes that have already taken place are wonderful! We’ve gone from being a shouty house with threats being thrown around and being in constant battle with my 5 year old to a much calmer family life. The Say What You See method is so lovely and makes so much sense, we can now connect with our kids and listen to their thoughts and feelings rather than trying to make them feel what we think they should feel.
    I’m so pleased we decided to sign up with Camilla as I really wanted to have a calmer family like and for my kids to feel good, to feel they are understood and to have a deeper connection with them. We still have days where we are not quite getting it right but we are working on it and see this method as a method for life to raise independent, confident, happy children.

    Camilla was really great to work with, professional, kind and knowledgeable. She was able to look at specific situations that were arising and give help us with those as well as general guidance. Since completing the course she has said to keep in touch and feel free to message her if need any help or a re-cap, which I think is so great to know we have her there and I’m sure we will take her up on it.

    I’m so happy we took the plunge, if you are looking for help to create a happy, calm family life for you and your kids then I cannot recommend Camilla enough. Go for it!


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