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Get My Grades has been developed by expert teachers, tutors and developers to allow parents to provide their secondary school-aged children with quality educational resources, encouraging students to carry out meaningful practice using our huge question bank and automatically track progress. It is based on the latest research from education and neuroscience and mapped to different qualifications and exam boards so that students, parents and their teachers/tutors can clearly see where they're doing well and where they need to improve.

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  1. I’ve signed up my 2 older children to their tutoring site.

    They have been very helpful at supporting me using their site and helping me get extra help for my son who is struggling with his school work.

    Review by Helen
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  2. My daughter and I used to Get my Grades platform to help her study for her GCSEs, we like the all hair revision tools are in one place and loves the track and features it helps her identify where she’s doing well and where she needs to improve.

    We love how easy Get my Grades is to use and the service they provide, I enjoy reading the blogs.

    Review by Amanda
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