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Fast Track Fitness Retreats is owned and run by Jane, Dan and Tony.

We are YMCA trained fitness professionals, most importantly we are normal people who eat ice cream and bunk off gym sessions occasionally.  We don't eat quinoa but don't mind if you do!

Our fitness retreats are 3 or 4 night breaks in the UK where we offer a range of fitness classes whilst still giving you plenty of time to explore the locality and have some time to relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Contact Information
Phone: 07722729132


  1. I joined the first Fast Track Fitness Retreat in the New Forest from 25-28 October 2019.

    The 3 night retreat in the New Forest was wonderful. I was anxious beforehand because I had never attended a fitness retreat nor travelled solo for more than 1 night. I arrived early but received a really warm welcome and felt at ease straight away. The “getting to know you” walk was really good as an icebreaker and a way to de-stress in beautiful surroundings after travelling from London.

    The team are amazing; they are passionate about their work, knowledgeable and very supportive. The timetable was well organised and the activities were varied, challenging but also enjoyable. The short pre-breakfast workouts were a great start to each day.

    Review by Rebecca
    Uploaded by MGF

  2. I have been attending exercise classes led by members of the Fast Track Fitness Team over the past few years.

    I also attended their first Fast Track Fitness retreat in October based in the New Forest.

    My partner and I had an amazing time on their retreat. We took part in a wide range of exercise classes, enjoyed cooked meals with new friends, and explored some of the most beautiful sports in the New Forest.

    Exercise sessions were fun, yet challenging, using a range of equipment to keep things interesting. Dan, Jane and Tony are brilliant at adapting exercises to cater for individual needs and to suit different levels of fitness. The team are very professional, yet down to earth people who are great a motivating a really positive way.

    Review by Sophie
    Uploaded by MGF

  3. I was very fortunate to attend the first ever Fast Track Fitness Retreat.

    The whole experience was absolutely excellent, they considered every element of the retreat. From location, to workouts & downtime, It was perfectly organised. With delicious food & a much needed change of scenery, I left feeling like a new woman.

    Review by Katie
    Uploaded by MGF

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