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Fantastic for Families is the place to discover affordable, relevant and high quality arts and cultural activities from trusted organisers in your local area. We have lots of new events and performances that have been created especially for families to enjoy together, and we include all the information you'll need to know if you're planning an outing as a family.

You'll find art, craft, theatre, dance, music events and a lot more. You'll also find over 680 organisations who are accredited with the Family Arts Standards badge - a sign of quality and reassurance of an excellent family welcome.

Find the perfect activity for you and your family!

Contact Information
Phone: 07469930753
Registered Charity Number: 1112521


  1. I have used Fantastic for Families to search for and plan family-friendly events.

    I have found Fantastic for Families to be a very useful resource with excellent information.

    Review by John
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  2. Attended FFF events with my toddler and follow their IG for upcoming events and arts and crafts ideas.

    Excellent. Friendly staff and engaging activities for babies and toddlers.

    Review by Jessica
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