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Welcome to the conversation...

It can be tricky to talk with children and young people about their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and to help them learn more about their mental health. We know that having these conversations and keeping the channels of communication open as children grow through adolescence and beyond, scientifically benefits their wellbeing and reduces the chances of problems progressing.

Our small parent-led team at Colourful Conversations works hard to research and create beautifully hand-drawn, infographic colouring posters to help you start those conversations in a relaxed and engaging way. We encourage you to access the information you need by keeping it relevant and offering tips from our mentors, who work in mental health, youth support and education.

Colouring together is a shared, multi-sensory activity that takes the pressure off both the adult and young person, and our posters are packed with original, curious illustrations and lots of simple information to spark their interest and support mental health learning. 

We are changing the future, one colourful conversation at a time.

We invite you to join in so that together, we can support as many young people as possible!


Contact Information
Registered Charity Number: 12713104 (Community Interest Company Registration Number on Companies House)


  1. “I love their posters, they take complex information and make it accessible, opening up the conversation around mental wellbeing in a way that children can engage with. Buying from the website was really easy, nice design, straightforward.”

    Review by Francesca, uploaded by MGF-HQ

  2. “I am a youth worker and have used the materials to help my young people explore their mental health. As well as using the colouring with my kids as a way of gently exploring self care and good mental health. The website is bright and wonderfully made it is super easy to use and download the prints i absolutely love colourful conversations.”

    Review by Chris, uploaded by MGF-HQ

  3. “I found it was a great way for me to enable the conversations that my children needed to have with me. In a clever, calm way it offered us an easy route to a discussion about how they were feeling about things. Great product!”

    Review by Sharon, uploaded by MGF-HQ


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