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Has your living space become a place you can no longer relax? Are the children's toys invading the house? Cant find anything to wear in among the clutter? As a Professional Organiser I provide a de-cluttering and re-organising service within your home or office. I will work alongside you to achieve your goals and advise you on how to optimise the space, offering tips and guidance on how to maintain the order. Leaving you with a clutter free, functional space, and a clearer mind to enjoy other areas in your life.
My aim is not to tell you what to throw away but to help you to decide what to keep and how best to store it.

Contact Information
Phone: 07886423395
Facebook: @professionalorganisercarrieottolini
Instagram: @carrieottolini
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  1. Carrie undertook the mammoth task of helping me to de-clutter, organise and tidy my garage and the results are incredible. From the first meeting, I knew that Carrie really understood what I wanted to achieve and she made the whole process really easy, and dare I say it, actually enjoyable!

    Her approach was practical and efficient and she is a real do-er… not afraid to get stuck in, make suggestions and ultimately create a really tidy space from in what was previously a major dumping ground.

    The finished result, with all my plastic boxes, clearly labelled and stacked neatly into different categories within the garage is amazing. In fact, it’s now been 3 months since Carrie left and the garage is still spotless! People always comment on the amazing transformation as well.

    She’s Chislehurst’s very own Marie Kondo and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to everyone (I have done already!) I can’t wait for her to do other rooms in my house!!

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