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I’m on a mission to empower mums like you to fully heal from a C-section, transform everything that is holding you back, so that you can thrive and be that active, strong and resilient mama you always wanted to be.

Yes, pain and a tummy overhang are common after a C-section, but you do not have to put up with it! If anyone tells you that looking 4 months pregnant and not being able to take up running again is just part of your life from now on, I can tell you from the bottom of my heart they are wrong.

Daniela came to see me with lower back pain and leaking 18 months postpartum. She was desperate to go running again without having to wear pads. She hated her scar and the thought of having to touch it freaked her out.

What made her reach out to me and start her C-section recovery journey was her not being able to play tag because of lower back pain at her boy’s 4th birthday party and the humiliation she felt when she was asked when she was due.

After 3 months of working with me – reconnecting to her core and scar massage self care every day – Denise is now going to yoga twice a week, has taken up running again and feels 100% more confident about her flatter tummy.

If Denise’s story sounds familiar, I want you to know that you too can make changes to how you feel and look.

I am here to show you how to take back control and feel confident inside out.

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Phone: 07985427712
Facebook: Scar Sisters
Instagram: scar_sisters
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  1. “Absolutely exceptional. Tina is one of the kindest and warmest, caring individuals. She has a real empathy with issues faced and is hugely knowledgeable about anatomy so could explain things with a clear understanding of my body and how it works.”

    Review by Hina, uploaded by MGF-HQ

  2. “Tina is a wonderful Pilates teacher. She is incredibly well informed and determined to help her clients. I completed her postnatal course and it helped rebuild my core strength within just a few weeks, enabling me to return to exercising with confidence.”

    Review by Danielle, uploaded by MGF-HQ

  3. “I absolutely love Soo Pilates. Tina is so professional and offers fantastic support and after care. It\’s been nearly 6 years since my C-section and I finally feel like it\’s on the way to recovery thanks to Tina 😊 ”

    Review by Carrie, uploaded by MGF-HQ


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