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Our Mum & Baby Memberships are designed for active mums. They are the perfect solution for busy Mums who want to exercise during the daytime and commit to regular classes to maximise results. The focus is on core strength and stability, abdominal recovery and helping you get back into shape in a safe and comfortable baby friendly environment.

As pre and postnatal experts we tailor the sessions to suit you and your current fitness level taking into account your pregnancy and delivery, current feeding regime and previous exercise history. Our course is designed for new mums who have a base level of fitness but who maybe have not exercised for the past few months or during pregnancy.

You can begin from 6 weeks post delivery or 12 weeks post C-section. Once you get into the swing of things and you build up your core strength we will get you moving on to more vigorous exercises to blast stubborn body fat and increase fitness level as well as toning up the tummy, hips, bum, and arms.

All sessions take place in our exclusive intimate fitness studio, we use some great equipment, funky music and have lots of fun! You will receive personal coaching from our fully qualified and experienced personal trainers at every session and we are more than happy to cuddle your little angel if they need it while you workout.

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174, Westcombe Hill SE3 7DH


  1. I go to the mum and baby fitness classes and they are an instructor there.

    Burn It is absolutely brilliant! I can not recommend them highly enough as they enabled me to get back in shape as a busy mum of 2 and the classes are super fun and social. The instructors are supportive, friendly but push you to meet your goals.

    Review by Kylie
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  2. I train with them.

    Improving my fitness with the help of the Burn It team has had a big positive impact on my life – my mood and mental resilience as well as my physical stamina to cope with life, kids, work etc. I can now carry my 5 year old on my shoulders – so happy.

    Review by Frances
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