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"BYOBaby Comedy have transformed parental leave" i paper

Bring Your Own Baby Comedy is the UK's Premier Parent and Baby Comedy event! A funny, friendly afternoon of top comedy….and you can bring your baby! We provide an afternoon treat for everyone aged 16 or over, and 12 months and under! Featuring the funniest comedy stars on the circuit and hosted venues across the UK.

Relax, have a coffee (or a cheeky glass of wine if you prefer!), and enjoy the entertainment …without paying for childcare! If you need to whip out a bare bottom (the baby’s ..please), or a boob, or a bottle .. feel free! And our comics won’t mind being heckled by our younger guests!*

You don’t need to bring a baby! If your children are at school, or if you happen to be free on a Monday afternoon, we would love to entertain you! Dads, Carers, Grannys, Aunts…everyone is welcome!

* Please note: our brilliant comics will be performing their usual adult material, which is why we have a 12 month age limit for our younger guests!

Contact Information
Phone: 0203 5240236
Twitter: @BYOBabyComedy
Instagram: bringyourownbabycomedy


  1. We thought that their original brand of comedy would be a perfect fit with our venue. They run an event for parents with babies once a month and it is very popular. They are so good to work with that we asked them to run a monthly comedy night as well!

    Amazing customer service, they have very high production values, they are hands on, friendly and an absolute pleasure to work with. A great business partnership!

    Review by Kiaran
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  2. Alyssa and Carly have always been fantastic – such genuine, friendly people. They are always keen to put on wonderful comedy events for their customers and they\’ve also previously won a Hoop Award, proving that their customers love them too.

    Review by Kate
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