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Give Birth Without Fear - Limited offer of 50% discount

‘For an emotionally safe birth’

During this time of uncertainty it is crucial to have coping and handling mechanisms at your disposal for giving birth.

The trusted and robustly evaluated Swedish Birth Without Fear Method, is now finally available in the UK and offers a practical and hands-on alternative to hypnobirthing.

The aim of this highly effective method is to maximise confidence in your body's ability to give birth and to empower your birth partner to provide you with the support that you need. With the use of 4 simple and effective tools, based entirely in physiology, you will both feel equipped and empowered to take on birth. This is crucial whether or not you choose to use pain relief.

The method is easy, accessible and doable and will most importantly MAKE SENSE to both of you.  More than 10,000 expectant parents have read the original book Give Birth Without Fear in Swedish and completed this successful and robustly evaluated birth preparation class since more than ten years. The book alone has sold over 50,000 copies.

Some level of fear or anxiety in anticipation of birth is NORMAL, even expected! This powerful method gives you an opportunity to know WHAT to do with that feeling and HOW to be the best team you can be in order to gear yourself towards a positive and loving birthing experience, TOGETHER.

These four tools are simply:

  • Breathing
  • Relaxation
  • The Voice
  • The Mind

Each one is a key to unlocking what your body already knows deep inside in order to birth your baby. Holding them all together is the 5th element: The Support. These tools therefore give your birth partner the know-how in order to guide you confidently towards an emotionally safe birth.

'Live Online' classes are 4 hours via Zoom and facilitated by London-based experienced Midwife and Method Ambassador Emilie Wicks.

Normal price for 4 hours is £90. Use discount code BIRTHWITHOUTFEAR50% to reserve your place for both of you.



We took the ‘Birth Without Fear’ live online class with Emilie when I was in week 36. This is my first pregnancy, we are expats and live away from family and friends; these aspects made me feel quite insecure about how the birth process will look like and made me wonder about how prepared I am to handle this. I therefore read books, searched on the internet and talked to a few friends, but I had the feeling that despite the knowledge I had gained I was still unprepared. Taking the ‘Birth Without Fear’ class was by far the most helpful tool for my birth preparation. I wasn’t particularly scared of giving birth before taking the class, but knowing that it is normal to experience fear at some point during labour made me think deeper about it - the class helped me a lot to be prepared with dealing with my emotions when they arise, and acknowledge, accept, and use them in a productive way. The course provided a great balance of theory and practice and made me feel positive and confident about going to labour. Having my partner engaged throughout the whole process was also really important - I now feel that he can be next to me knowing what to do and how to support me in an appropriate way. I am able to say that I look forward to giving birth without fear! Thank you for showing us the way, Emilie!


Odysseas (Birth partner):

I found the Birth Without Fear course really helpful as an expectant father. The four tools were presented in an accessible way and showed me how to use simple words and massage techniques to calm my partner throughout the birth process. Having a lot of time to practice the tools during the course was particularly useful and made me feel confident about being next to my partner during labour, knowing how to support her in a suitable way.


Krystallia and Odysseas, November 2020.

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Phone: 07983350851
Facebook: @givebirthwithoutfear
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  1. ‘Emilie is a fabulous communicator and she is the definition of compassionate leadership with a hude breadth of experience and knowledge. Emilie has such a broad knowledge basis and she is so approachable and a brilliant, compassionate member of any team.’

    Review by Camella, uploaded by Helen at MGF-HQ

  2. ‘I love the Birth without fear method, I feel that it proivdes a good understanding of the physiological birth process. Helping you understand what is happening during labour and birth, eliminating fear and replacing it with a confidence in your body.’

    Review by Nicola, uploaded by Helen at MGF-HQ

  3. ‘I’m a midwife and have seen the benefits of the course for families. Loved the ability to add tools for birthing. Can help bring birth partner closer as well.’

    Review by Laura, uploaded by Helen at MGF-HQ


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