Legoland Windsor Resort

‘Young and old alike will be fascinated by the incredible LEGO models throughout the park. From comical camels to fearsome fire-breathing dragons, world landmarks to musical pirates, it’s amazing what can be built with LEGO bricks – nearly 55 million of them!’ (


Tip 1- get the map, Ask for a map of the whole area at The Beginning. We only got one on day 2 and didn’t realise how big it was and that we only covered a tiny titchy area of it on day 1.

Tip 2 – measure your child – The map highlighted attractions and rides by age/height restrictions. Our son was just over 0.9m but not 1m. We queued for a ride and was sadly turned away because he was too shy to push up his chest, hold his head high and tiptoe! I didn’t want him upset after that so we’d whizz pass the 1m minimum rides. Also, under 3’s are free. Wish we took him a month before his 3rd birthday!

Tip 3 – there’s alcohol and better food –  The map tells you where the bars and restaurants are! Daddy’s happy and so is mum.

Tip 4 – you can’t avoid this unless you don’t mind tears…be prepared to buy some lego.

Tip 5 – you really need 2 days- If we had only went for one day, we’d have been stressed trying to rush and cram everything in.

Tip 6 – one we didn’t know but wish we did – There’s a parent swap so both parents can take turns to go on a ride with a taller child without queuing twice if there’s a baby in the mix who can’t go on due to age/height restrictions.

We’d definitely go again. Next time when baby is just under 3 years!

Address: Winkfield Road, Windsor SL4 4AY.


Playground: The whole park is one giant playground.

Cafe: There are many places to eat and drink at Legoland, each serving a range of food. Many of our members found food and drink expensive and not very enjoyable. You may want to take a picnic. One person did have this good thing to say though: ‘We were there on Friday. I took a shopping trolley full of picnic stuff, drinks, kagools and a change of clothes. Everytime we went on a ride I left the trolley with the buggys. We ate in the Burger cafe which has been completely refurbished. The staff were great – my daughter has severe food allergies and they brought the packet of chicken dippers to me so that i could check the ingredients. The food was ok (we don’t have fast food very often so a bit of a treat) and as we were staying til 8pm we needed more than a picnic. In that restaurant you get a free kid’s meal for every adult meal after 5pm’.

Another good food tip from Mummy’s Gin Fund: ‘My food related tip would be that if you stay till the end (ie the rides close) then the cafe at the top still open and so you can give kids tea before then longish drive back. We again had picnic (I bought a coffee so we could sit at tables) but they had cute lunch boxes in the shape of legos that you then keep the lunch box’.

Toilets: Each toilet block has at least one toilet accessible to guests with disabilities. An additional toilet is situated in the Baby Care Centre in Heartlake City. These are all clearly marked. Each wheelchair accessible toilet is fitted with an alarm that can be activated in an emergency.

Pram / wheelchair / mobility friendly: Yes, very. The whole park has been designed with wheelchair and pram access in mind. There is also a ‘Ride Access Pass’ which allows eligible visitors to access up to ten (10) rides via the ride exit during their day. Legoland say ‘The special access is intended to provide a reduced waiting time compared to the standard queue line although this cannot always be guaranteed. Each pass allows up to three people to benefit from this special access if they are visiting the Park with the disabled guests’. Contact Legoland for more information.

Parking: Yes – Large car park, standard £5, priority £10.

Nearest Station:

Train: From London Paddington (via Slough) or London Waterloo (direct) to Windsor & Eton Central.

DLR: No.

Tube: No.

Bus: The Legoland Shuttle service between Windsor Town Centre and Legoland is provided by routes 191 and 200. Buses operate every 30 minutes to connect with trains and pick up from outside Windsor Parish Church and opposite the Theatre Royal. Details here:

Phone: 0871 222 2001.

Email: [email protected].


Legoland Windsor opened in 1996, the second Legoland theme park after the original in Denmark. It caters mostly for children from 2 to 12 years old with over 55 interactive rides and attractions. Many of the rides have height restrictions from roughly age 3 upwards, although under 3s are catered for. A list of rides without height restriction is available on their website. Once there, you can grab a map of the whole area which also highlights attractions and rides (mentioning age/height restrictions if applicable). If rides aren’t your thing, there is plenty to entertain you with live shows, building workshops, driving schools and attractions, all set in 150 acres of beautiful parkland.

If you can’t bear to leave, you can stay at the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Hotel which is situated in the middle of the park.

Legoland offers a Q-Bot system which effectively queues for you whilst you enjoy other areas of the park. It can cut waiting times in half, which is a huge benefit when queuing times can be as long as 90 mins to 2 hours per ride on busy days. There are different levels of Q-Bot but be aware that not all rides are included. Some of our members felt Q-Bots were essential, whilst others found them a rip off. Some members had non-Q-Bot waiting times of less than 30 mins all day and loved it, some had 90 mins wait times and hated it. It really does seem to be the luck of the draw. Full details are here:


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