How To Keep Your Trees Happy And Healthy


Trees are an essential part of our world. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, “a mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year.” With this in mind, we believe that it is our responsibility to keep trees healthy and keep planting them where we can!

AureusWe know that trees can sometimes become a nuisance in your gardens and your neighbours may complain but the reality is, a tree that is a blocking light or dying may not have to be removed.  If you can save it, that would be better than losing it altogether. We know there are occasions where it has to be removed, and there is not a choice, but we do all we can to avoid this if possible.

Do you have a tree that is blocking light from your beds and patio?

There are 2 easy and cost effective ways to solve this problem:

Lifting a tree’s canopy as little as 1 metre above the fence line can dramatically improve the light in your garden. You can notice a difference particularly in the morning and evening – a lift can add more than an hour on to your day in the summer months without damaging a tree whatsoever.

Crown thinning is another option. Thinning a tree allows more light to perforate through the tree’s canopy, which in turn improves the health of any flowers or lawn within the tree’s shade.

Both of these options are cheaper than dramatic reductions, pollards or tree fells and are worth trying before you spend the extra money on any bigger work.

Let us now talk fruit trees:

Pruning fruit trees right back needs to be done in the spring or autumn. Making sure you prune at this time of year gives the maximum yield of fruit in years to follow. Be cautious that fruit trees generally work on a 2 year cycle so you may have a lesser fruit yield in the year following the work.

However, if you are looking to reshape or remold the canopy of a fruit tree, you can do this in the summer months. Delicately and professionally pruning a pear or apple tree in the summer months can give your tree a great start to reshaping. More dead wood is created at first but provided it is delicate pruning this is not detrimental to the tree’s health.

Have you ever fancied giving your garden some colour?

Trees can provide magnificent colour in your garden and can help if your garden is suffering from excess water build up.

Magnolia trees are a sure fire way to get the neighbours looking over your garden fence! You can get magnolias flowering in all colours, take your pick. At Aureus Tree Services, our favourite magnolia is the Magnolia Star Wars which ticks the box for both parent and child (and husbands!) with a great name!

If you have more space and fancy something more exotic, look up a rainbow Eucalyptus which will fill your garden with vibrant colour from its awesome trunk!

If you are looking for something to break away from the regular green canopy, then the Japanese acer tree or the honey Locus has beautiful red or yellow leaves if you fancy a change.

Watch out this summer for diseases in your trees whilst enjoying your gardens!

Laurel trees are developing a mildew at this time of year. It shows as a white powdery residue which causes the leaves to coil.

Ganoderma in fruit trees is relatively common. It hollows out the inside of the fruit trees branches and trunk, causing heart wood decay. Eventually mushrooms will form spiraling around the trunk. This disease can spread and so it is best to get the tree looked at before it dies.

If you notice any abnormality in your trees, don’t hesitate to ask for some advice!

Interesting fact:

Ash trees can develop a small round black fungus which is relatively harmless commonly known as King Alfred’s Cake – the fungus was originally used as a great fire lighter!

aureuslogoAureus Tree Services believes strongly in keeping trees alive. If we fell a tree, we offer another tree at trade price to the customer to replant if they wish. This can be anything up to 50% of the retail price depending on choice of tree.

We would like to thank the gin fund for the support you have given us so far and are always here for free advice if you need us!


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