How To Entertain Your Child Indoors


Nothing worse than a child with cabin fever.

Luckily, Julia Scoble from The Creation Station has some great ideas to keep your children entertained indoors.

Chances are at some point, your little ones will look up from their toys and utter the words “I’m Bored!”  Or they may just need to be enticed away from the Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig T.V. marathon.

“You probably have plenty of things already in the house which can be used for some messy or not-so-messy fun”.

If you just can’t face making a mess, or don’t have too much time, why not try:

Gloop Play 2

1. Cutting With Scissors

When little ones first learn how to use scissors you can set them some challenges which will keep them busy for at least the time you need to drink a cup of tea!  Tie their scissors to a bucket or bowl to catch the cuttings and get them to cut some things with different sizes, colours, and textures.  Ideal for this are straws, foil strips, paint sample strips, Christmas cards or even advertising flyers you get through the letterbox.  At the Creation Station, we use special loop handled scissors for really little ones which are easier when first learning. These can be bought from our website or Amazon for a few pounds; children soon move onto regular child sized scissors.

2. Colour Sorting

Another popular activity with little ones- get some pom poms, feathers, beads or whatever you have around in 4 colours – we usually start with red, blue, yellow and green.  Get some plastic cups in the same colours, mix everything up on a tray and set your little one the task of sorting into the correct cups.

3. Cornflour Fun

If you have a bit more time and are ready for something a bit messier then the cornflour you used to thicken the Christmas can be used for loads of fun!  TOP TIP- put down a wipe clean tablecloth or some newspaper before you get started.

Colour Sorting

4. Gloop

Mixing cornflour with water gives gloop with an amazing consistency – it changes very quickly from solid to liquid.  You can roll it up in a ball and then let it dribble over fingers and drip onto paper.  Add water slowly – you are looking for the point where if you pull your spoon through it stays separate for a few seconds before joining back together.  Add some watery paint for extra fun.

5. Cloud Dough

Mixing cornflour with vegetable or baby oil gives you fun pretend snow – it can be sprinkled, rubbed between fingers and rolled into snowballs.  This time you want a more powdery texture to create that snow feel.  Mixing the oil is pretty cool, in makes a great effect on the cornflour.  You can also add some glitter if you are feeling really brave!

6. Salt Dough

For something you can keep until next Christmas (and beyond!)  why not try Salt Dough Ornaments?  You will need half a cup each of salt and flour – mix them together (maybe feel the coarse and fine textures first) then add water slowly, mixing together until you have a smooth dough that is not too sticky.  You can add paint or food colouring and glitter to the mix for extra Christmas sparkle.  Roll out and use cookie cutters to cut out some Christmas shapes.  Bake on the bottom shelf of the oven at the lowest setting for about an hour and a half.  Remember to poke a hole for a ribbon to hang your ornaments BEFORE you bake them!  Once baked you can paint and/or varnish; ordinary washable kids paint works fine.


For more information about Creation Station courses, or to book your Buy One Get One Free trial contact [email protected] or 0208 454 7808.  Creation Station also do fantastic Art birthday parties for ages 1-11.


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