H Is For: Halloween (And The Spooky Things That Have Happened To Us)


Every Halloween post worth its weight in pumpkin seeds must contain spine-tingling tales of weirdness, unexplained phenomena and scary scenarios.

What follows are some of the best examples from Gin Funders and our chums – just don’t read them alone in the dark………

The Nicholson Street Ghosts by Sharon from Mummy’s Gin Fund:

The weight on my chest was so heavy I could hardly breathe.

In that hazy world somewhere between sleep and waking, I struggled to move, to push the weight from me. Desperate to take a full breath of air, I started to flail, my arms struggling, my legs kicking.

But still the weight would not move.

I balled my hands and pushed against the mattress, feeling next to me, with some reassurance, the still sleeping body of my friend. His skin was slightly damp against my hand, a strange warmth in the abruptly frigid room. Student bedrooms in Edinburgh are never particularly warm, but nor were they ice-cold as this one had become. Desperately chilled and unable to breathe, I started to panic.

But still the weight would not move.

Some rational part of my sleeping mind issued instruction. ‘Wake up’, I told myself, while fighting the weight and fighting the cold. I listened, opening my eyes, expecting the nightmare to end as soon as full consciousness returned.

But the nightmare stayed with me.

Sitting on my chest, facing away from me, was a woman. I couldn’t tell you what she was wearing, but she had long auburn hair, tied back with a ribbon. She was looking toward the corner of my friend’s room, where he kept his collection of CDs. But it was not the CDs she looked at. Another being, this time a man, stood in the corner, one hand on the window while the other ran fingertips over the CDs. Slowly and deliberately, so that they made an unnerving tapping sound as they followed the direction of his fingers.

It was as though the room was in sepia, a strange filtered light in the darkness of the night. It was cold, it was still, and the weight of this woman was strong against me. I started to scream, a muffled sound without any air behind it.

And that was when they noticed me.

Both the man and woman turned toward me, the woman standing, the man joining her. They seemed bewildered, as though they could not quite make me out, but knew I was there. They leaned closer over the bed, two heads swooping down on me, peering at me, trying to find me out.

And that was when I saw.

Neither of these people had eyes. Where their eyes should’ve been were two black holes, empty and soulless. Not empty sockets, not skin healed over. Just black nothingness. Two voided spheres.

Suddenly able to breathe, I screamed, turning my head. My friend, startled awake, turned towards me.

‘What? What is it?’

My answer apparently was incomprehensible, garbled by my sobs. He reached over and turned on the  lamp, and as light flooded the room, the people disappeared.

‘It was a nightmare,’ my friend told me, trying to comfort me as I told him the story. ‘I’ve lived in this flat for two years and have never seen a ghost.’

‘I’m not staying here again,’ I told him. ‘Those people… they aren’t happy. They aren’t resting peacefully.’

I was true to my word. From that point onward, my friend would stay at my flat, until we parted company some time later. But I never stayed in his flat again, and eventually started to believe that the people I had seen were figments of a nightmare. I told myself it was simply the result of an over-active imagination, too much exam-stress and too little sleep.

Until I met Susan seven years later.

Susan and I worked for the same fashion brand, but while I was in buying she was in marketing. We saw each other infrequently, but whenever we did meet we always had fun together. She was older than I was and married with a small child. Occasionally, because her husband had to use their car for work, I would give Susan a lift home.

And so it was one Friday night, when her husband had been delayed, that Susan climbed into my car. She didn’t live too far from me, so it wasn’t an issue to drive her home, but on that Friday the traffic in Edinburgh was terrible and I remember apologising for our likely delay.

‘I’m going to take Nicholson Street,’ I told her. ‘It will be the quickest way in that traffic.’

Susan shook her head. ‘I don’t mind sitting in traffic, but I would rather we didn’t drive down Nicholson Street.’

‘Why?’ I asked, one eye on my rear-view mirror.

‘My sister died on Nicholson Street.’

I remember glancing at Susan, horrified. ‘I’m so sorry.’

‘It’s fine,’ she replied. ‘It was a long time ago. She and her boyfriend were killed in their flat.’

‘How horrible,’ I said. ‘Was it a fire?’

‘No,’ Susan shifted in her seat. ‘Just a terrible accident. Their boiler was old and started to leak carbon dioxide. They died in their sleep.’

At this point a small flame of recognition seemed to light within me, as my friend’s flat had been on Nicholson Street.

‘It was just one of those things,’ Susan carried on, oblivious to my discomfort. ‘It must have been faulty for weeks, but they didn’t know. Well, why would they?’

My stomach felt cold, and I recalled that terrible sensation of a heaviness against me. I remembered, as though years had not passed, the image of the couple in that freezing room, with their black holes for eyes looking toward me.

‘They were blind, you see,’ Susan finished. ‘They didn’t have a monoxide alarm that made noise. They just couldn’t have known the boiler was faulty. My sister was found on the bed and her boyfriend in the corner of the room.’

I didn’t tell Susan what I’d seen that night so long ago. Why would I do that to a grieving woman? I’d been so convinced this couple weren’t resting easily. Telling Susan that would have given her grief, not comfort.

It’s been ten years since I dropped Susan at home that night, and I keep in touch with her via Facebook. I still haven’t told her what I saw, and nor will I ever.

Were they ghosts? Or had I simply slipped back in time and seen an image in the past? They noticed me… was I the ghost in their room? That thought makes me shudder. Perhaps we are all ghosts, in one way or another. What does it all mean?

I don’t honestly know. And you know what? I don’t think I want to know. But that night I saw something I hope I never see again.

Disney on Ice by Jehaan from Mummy’s Gin Fund

When I was about 12 I had a very vivid flashback to being very little, watching Disney on Ice with my mum. We had no photos of the occasion but I distinctly remembered seeing Snow White and the seven dwarves skating around. I also remembered having a red helium balloon that floated away after the show. I ran to tell my mum what I remembered only for her to look shaken. She told me she HAD seen Disney on Ice BUT while she was pregnant with me. To this day it’s spooked me out and I still have no idea how I recalled this memory. Also no idea about the red balloon!

Talking to Mum by Laura from www.weforgotthesperm.com and #MGFBlogSquad

My mum died at 5am (ten years ago). My wife told me at 4.45 she thought I was on the phone to mum as I was talking to her. I wasn’t on the phone. I was asleep.

Seeing Birds by Sarah from #MGFBlogSquad

Not long before my nan died we were in her hospital room and she said to myself and my mum (her daughter) that she kept seeing birds coming and going in the corner of the room. We were a bit confused so got the doctor to do a test to see if she was compus mentos, which she was. A few days later she died.
I went with a friend to a spiritual fayre a few weeks later (she dragged me along to get out the house) and I read in a book that quite often angels will show themselves to dying people or those about to die, as birds…

True or not, it helped me to grieve at the time…

The Impossible Case Of The Missing Ring by Emmy from Misadventurous Mummy and #MGFBlogSquad

My then fiance (now husband) and I had a fight and I took my engagement ring off and put in on my bedside table. My husband (complete sceptic) saw me do it. After we calmed down and made up I went to put it back in, but it was gone. From two weeks we looked EVERYWHERE. It was no where to be found. Literally, nowhere. Places it couldn’t possibly have been were searched completely. Since we live in my grandma’s old house my mum said that she’d probably hidden it and it would come back when it was ready. I was devastated. It was a really unusual ring and it meant the world to me. 6 months later we went on holiday to my uncles time share, in Menorca. We dropped our suitcases and flopped onto the bed. I turned to face my husband and saw a keyring slightly under the pillow. When I pulled it out it wasn’t a keyring but my engagement ring. I squealed and asked my husband where he’d found it. He asked me what and I showed him. He just went white and asked where it was. He’s had nothing to do with it. There is literally no explanation for that ring disappearing and reappearing in a different country.

Dad at the Door by Sharon from Mummy’s Gin Fund

Not a ghost story per-se but I remember a very vivid dream from about 20 odd years ago. I was in my house when there was a knock at the door. I went downstairs and saw my dad(who died 10 years prior to the dream), through the glass in the door. I was so happy and wanted to grab my coat and open the door, but he suddenly stopped smiling and shook his head gravely as if not to open the door. I then woke up and was freaked out as it felt so real.

Keyboard Tapper by Kelly Mummy’s Gin Fund

My ex-boyfriends mum’s house was so haunted. We was in bed one night just drifting off to sleep when we heard someone tapping on the laptop keys – my ex turned over (when he felt brave enough) and shut the laptop. There are so many stories from that house!

Spiritualist Apology by Sophie from Soph Obsessed

I went to see a spiritualist a few years ago and she told me that my living grandmother was now dead. I am estranged from my family but I was pretty sure that if she had passed away I would have known. I had a full blown argument with this woman who persisted on telling me the date she died and why she died. She described exactly what she looked like but I was really angry that she would insinuate something that wasn’t true. I called her a lot of names and stormed out of her house. When I got home I googled my grandmothers name to prove that this so called spiritualist was wrong. I found the obituary that was printed that very morning with the exact date of death that the spiritualist had told me. There was nothing tying me to the obituary we both have different surnames and my grandmother lived over in Yorkshire and I’ve relocated to Manchester. This spiritualist had never met or spoken to me before there is noway she could have known the information. Thankfully because of that experience I was able to attend the funeral and say my final goodbyes. Needless to say I called the spiritualist and apologised!!

Twins in Heaven by Becci from To Aufinity And Beyond.

Sonny is my little boy, he is 5 years old and he is Autistic.

One day he said to me I saw greatnanny. (My nan passed away when Sonny was 2 years old) He then told me she is in heaven with the twins. The twins look after her. My cousin lost their premature twins years before Sonny was born. One died at birth and the other shortly after birth.

I didn’t even know he knew what ‘twins’ meant and he certainly wouldn’t know the close relation between twins and my nan. My nan was devastated when they passed away. I found what my son said both freaky but incredibly comforting at the same time.

Also – My sister had leukaemia when she was little (around 3 years old) and once on route to St Barts hospital she walked past a house, pointed at it and said “that’s where I lived when I was a boy.” Very random but my mum never forgot it.

Organ Playing Ghost by Amy from The Smallest Of Things.

Back in my teenage years we used to stay out until late (I’m in bed by 10pm these days). This one night we were sitting outside a church – it was pitch black! The organ started playing. We read up online and it’s actually haunted by someone who plays the organ late at night!!

Our Most Terrifying Story by Stevie from This Mumma Needs Tea.

Teething. That shit is scary!

Doorway Doubter by Emma from Our Fairytale Adventure.

My sister used to talk about a man who walked through the wall in her bedroom in our old house. We just thought she had a really vivid imagination, but then we did some building work and it turned out a doorway used to be there. Spooky!

Waving to Grandad by Alex from Better Together Home.

I was babysitting my little brother when we were younger, he was about 2. He kept going over to the back door then waving at thin air and laughing. When I asked him who he was waving at he told me ‘it’s Grandad’. Later that day, my Dad told us my Grandad had passed away that afternoon. I was really freaked out.

FOUR by Stephanie from Mummy’s Writing Darling.

One morning my son (think he was 3 or just 4) was watching teletubies. He pointed at them – 1, 2, 3, 4 then he pointed at himself 1, his baby brother 2, me 3 and ….. looked just behind me over my right shoulder as his eyes glazed over “FOUR” – I shat myself.
He’s also told us that there’s a little boy who talks to him at night in his room who lives “under the house”. Think he said his name was William or something like that.

Meeting Lauren by Jenna from Then There Were Three.

I went on a ghost tour at a castle which used to be a children’s TB hospital. We did the ouija board and a little girl made contact called “Lauren” who was 4 years old and was somehow connected to me. I never knew of any child by that name, etc. so thought it was bull. Later on that night, the tour guide and 2 people with us on the tour (1 being a friend) saw a little girl standing behind me. The next day, I told my mother and she went white; my grand father had an older sister who passed away before he was born. She was 4 years old called Lauren. No one knows how she died and as my grandfather had also recently passed away we couldn’t ask him either. I really want to go back to the castle for another tour as my husband is a sceptic

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