G Is For: Google


Google, the great giant of general guidance (guidance being the key word).

I had always thought, and I think I may still do in the future, that an incredible “first year baby book” idea was to print out my baby-related Google search history.

Personally, I do not think that there is a single person that hasn’t hit Google before hitting the doctor for almost everything. From conception to parenting, I spent the vast majority of my time trawling through Google’s search results, and thus through forums and blogs and websites, trying to figure out what was going on. Somehow, we feel like we are wasting the professionals time (fact: we’re not) with our worries. But as we all know, Knowledge Is Power. Even if it has come from Google.

There are many people that will discount the use of it, medial professionals included (naturally they are working on the assumption that you will take Google’s word as Gospel). Personally, I found that it helped to quell a thousand different fears just by finding out that what I was feeling and thinking and wondering was normal, and that my baby was normal.

My baby hiccups a lot, is that normal? (yes)

Baby poo colours (saved a picture of it) 

Baby normal poo

Baby green poo

Yellow poo baby

(– also Googled different variations of things to do with poo)

Baby 8 weeks red rash belly (this was before I got a returned phone call from the doctors office)

Can babies sleep too much

How much should babies sleep

Baby breathes loudly in his sleep

Google is, unlike asking the advice of friends, parents, and strangers, unbiased. It has every kind of resource for every point of view one could ever ask for. In the past, it has helped people diagnose themselves, their children too probably, when doctors haven’t been able to, or bothered to (though obviously this is not recommended).

Amongst a whole host of other things, for all the times I’ve been told to leave Dr. Google alone I could give you just as many times where Google has helped me to feel like I’m not insane. From things my son did (or didn’t do) to his general development, Google had all the answers. All the way through to when I lost him and I, in turn, felt lost, Google signposted and pointed me to places and people I’d never have thought of and was never pointed towards. It allowed me to go and find things at my own pace. When I was in the midst of losing a subsequent pregnancy, Google gave me the answers I needed that the nurses were too afraid to tell me outright.

Google also pointed me towards Mummy’s Gin Fund, which, really, is like a mum-specific Google anyway.

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