Forster Memorial Park

Forster Park is a medium sized park between Catford and Downham, it is popular with dog walkers and runners/ keep fitters. It has a small play area for very young children and another for teenagers as well as a small basketball court. The large grass area in the middle is used predominantly for football with local schools using it to teach and local clubs using it at the weekend. In the middle of summer the odd cricket game takes place too.


Forster Park is our local park and we visit it on average at least three times a week. It’s a shame that it doesn’t have more by the way of facilities- the addition of some loos, a café or few more play items would be fantastic however I am so glad we have it! Its large (enormous) grass area is great for kicking a ball and just general running about on, the path that encircles it is well maintained and my little boy learnt to use his scooter and balance bike there. There is a curious outer path that leads you through densely wooded area- it’s not really that big but you can feel like you are miles from London- I would not advise walking around there alone – it can feel a bit scary/ lonely.

There are usually loads and loads of people walking dogs, most of whom are very happy to talk to curious toddlers about their pets. We spend a lot of time looking for squirrels and also spotting the parakeets – the park seems to be home to millions of them! Recently an ice cream van has taken to parking next to the play area- it’s pretty cynical but also very welcome by me!

Address: Whitefoot Lane or Bellingham Road, SE6


Playground: Yes, the small play ground has a baby swing, regular swing, small climbing frame and slide, toy motorbike and a roundabout pole. It has a safety floor and is very popular. The teenagers area has some pretty cool climbing frames and about four swings.

Cafe: No.

Toilets: No.

Pram / wheelchair / mobility friendly: Yes, plenty of paths that are suitable for wheels.

Parking: Yes , small free carpark at the Bellingham Road entrance.

Nearest Station:

Train: Bellingham/Catford.


Bus: 138.

Phone: 020 8318 3986.

Email: [email protected].


The Park has no toilet facilities or refreshments (the former were removed due to vandalism). There is a small Sure Start hut in the park but this has not been in use since last autumn. Facilities are vulnerable to vandalism however the park itself including the grass area and flower beds are attractively maintained. The park has a basic path round the large grass area and another path which weaves between the dense wooded areas. The area is home to a lot of birds and squirrels.


Review by Alison Cresswell

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