Farts, Flossing and Fabulousness: Our Review of Gangsta Granny at the Harold Pinter Theatre

‘It’s time to get Britain DANCING!’ declares a rather more fun version of our very own Queen Liz in this fantastically slick production of David Walliams’ Gangsta Granny, before breaking into a right royal boogie – and by the end of this show, getting us up to get down is exactly what the talented cast of this show manage to do.

Dancing is something a lot of us have lost touch with (unless we’ve had a tipple or two) but it’s a basic human instinct that makes us get together, cross barriers and feel connected – which is what this award-winning production is all about.

We were treated to the full range of laughs: Granny gave us giggles aplenty with her windy bottom burps, and the sound of little children’s belly laughs (is there a nicer sound in the world?!) filled the theatre at the many comedic mishaps of Mr Parker the nosey neighbour (Jason Furnival). Parents weren’t forgotten with a scattering of silly jokes especially for us, lots of them smoothly delivered by Aosaf Afzal as the wonderfully smarmy Strictly celebrity Flavio to the ‘Ladies and Genital-men’ of the audience – tee hee!  

It’s much more than just frivolous laughs though. The play also explores deeper connections in a genuinely touching way – the relationship between Ben (Tom Cawte) and his grandma (Louise Bailey) is sweetly played out and other characters touch on the relationship between the elderly and society as a whole. I’m sure I wasn’t the only parent in the audience who felt a twinge of guilt when the mum brushed off Granny’s offer of a cuppa with the old ‘We’ve got busy lives, she’ll understand’ excuse.

It really made the kids think a bit more deeply about their relationship with their own oldies, and the fact that they grandparents aren’t born old – a point very nicely made by Granny in the play. As an aside, we were all amazed when we looked at the programme by just how young Louise Bailey who plays Granny is – we all agreed she was outstanding!

In fact the whole cast were pretty faultless, and were supported with ingenious set design, energetic interludes and the clever injection of a bit of sparkly Strictly magic.

So if you want to leave come back from a night at the theatre feeling energised, connected and inspired – and maybe even having had a little boogie (!) then go and see this play!

It was an all-round winner for us; five stars from me and read on for what the kids had to say:

Review by Mei-Si (10)

I don’t know if old people really do fart more, but the granny in David Walliams’ Gangsta granny play was a farting fanatic! Entertaining an audience is a hard job, but farting is a very successful way and it has the audience laughing in no time.

Gangsta granny is extremely funny, but it also includes more serious things, like being closer to your grandparents and other elderly people. Gangsta Granny is a fantastic play, and I give it five stars!

Review by Lu-Li (7)

I liked Gangsta Granny because it was funny and farty!

Gangsta Granny is running at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London until 27 August, so get your tickets quick!

Box Office: 0844 871 7627



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