Facebook group rules

1. Mummy’s Gin Fund – MGF is for anything connected to parenting and children. This includes selling, questions, advice, recommendations.Any posts in the wrong group will be deleted by admin. With almost 20,000 members, it’s impossible for us to PM every person and ask them to move their post. https://www.facebook.com/groups/MummysGinFund/

2. Mother’s Little Helper – MLH is for anything else – i.e. not parenting related. This includes selling, questions, advice, recommendations. Any posts in the wrong group will be deleted by admin. With almost 20,000 members, it’s impossible for us to PM every person and ask them to move their post.

3. Recommendations – We whole-heartedly endorse recommendations. However, there a some rules to bear in mind. A recommendation should be an endorsement of a service you have used personally and wish to share you experience of. A recommendation is not a request or opportunity for people or businesses to offer their own services. This will be considered an ‘illegal’ advert and will be removed. This also includes promoting businesses or services to which you are someway affiliated, such as through a family member or friend.

4. Discounts and Advertising – only businesses who register with the MGF Card or business directory are allowed to advertise themselves or offer discounts in the Facebook groups. This is to help prevent the groups being overrun and ensure we can manage the quality of businesses making themselves available to our members. The aim is to create a better experience for all. Please direct any advertising queries to: advertising@mummysginfund.co.uk.

5. Anonymity – If you would like to post something anonymously, please PM one of the admin team and we will be happy to post it on your behalf: Helen Hamston, Emma Dawe, Karen Salem, Rebecca Asker, Tim Lindsay.

6. Private messages – 5. Fair usage – Items should be offered in the order that people have expressed interest. You cannot reserve an item for someone else by tagging them in it. Asking a question counts as expressing interest.

For example:

For sale: sparkly leather hot pants, £5.

Gary Barlow: (tags Howard Donald)
Mark Owen: What are the measurements please?
Jason Orange: Me please.
Howard Donald: Interested.
Robbie Williams: Let me entertain you……….

Mark has first dibs, followed by Jason, then Howard.

7. Ethics – Be kind, be understanding. We are all parents and many of us cannot look at our phones constantly. Give a reasonable amount of time for someone to reply before passing on to the next person. There are no definite rules, but a good 18-24 hours seems fair. If you need something collecting immediately, state this in your post.

8. Contact & Messaging – Stay in touch with your buyer / seller. Let them know if you’re running late, have changed your mind, need to change the day for collection. These things happen, be flexible. Don’t take the mickey. All transactions should happen in the group – no PMing people to make offers or buy items.

9. Pro / anti vaccination posts – Choosing whether to have your child (or yourself) vaccinated is a very personal decision and should be made in consultation with medical professionals. There are many individual variables and no-one is qualified to advise you over the internet. As a result, vaccination posts are banned from both MGF and MLH.

10. Medical posts – please seek professional medical advice if you have any concerns about anyone you know. No-one is able to diagnose an illness online.