Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

Knowing how to swim can save your life. Fact.

Taking your children swimming can score you serious ‘my mummy is the best mummy’ points. Fact.

Trying to get three children dressed after swimming without killing them or yourself requires military type precision. Fact.

Soggy socks, wriggly, tired toddlers and a freezing cold half naked mummy can induce day-time Gin cravings. Fact.

Why not go on your own fact finding mission at any of these recommended pools (and remember to pack your knickers if you’ve got your costume on already. You’re welcome).


Larkfield Leisure Centre

An amazing leisure centre with waves, water cannons, lazy river rapids, waterslides and small heated baby pool. MUMMY'S GIN FUND SAYS: Definitely worth the pilgrimage and...

Coral Reef, Bracknell

Amazing large water play pool - lots of slides and activities for all ages. Plenty for young and older kids, and teens would have lots of...

Charlton Lido

Charlton Lido houses a 50m pool and a warmer, smaller, more shallow pool with some ledges that a little one can sit on. Alas, the...

Wavelengths Leisure Centre

As well as a 25m main pool and a leisure pool with flumes and a wave machine, Wavelengths Leisure Centre offers group exercise classes,...

The Eltham Centre (Swimming Pool)

The Eltham Centre is one of Greenwich Borough’s multi-facility centres. The Centre contains the Library (which has a separate room for the children’s library),...