Soft Play

Soft Play

Hold on a minute…..there’s an actual place where you pay some money, the kids run around, climb and do exercise and have fun and you get to sit down and drink tea (Gin) and update Facebook?? There is. And it’s called soft play.

It is a haven of magazine-reading, naval staring glee for those of us with children over the age of about 5 and a half.

For everyone else, it’s a place of utter hell where middle aged mums have to crawl around in spaces designed for toddlers whilst trying not to expose either their post-breastfeeding boobs or their muffin top.

Whichever category you fit in to, soft play is a brilliant day out for kids of all ages and has been known to induce sleep in even my own nap-resistant toddler. Just make sure you are always accompanied by a sporty, bendy person who can lift their knee high enough to get it over the padded stumbling blocks.

Please do tell us about any other havens of noisy fun we’ve missed.


Under 1 Roof

Under 1 Roof in Woolwich is a centre that has a nursery (contact the venue for spaces for your child), soft play, shops, children’s...

Gambado, Beckenham

Gambado in Beckenham is a large soft-play venue, officially suitable for ages zero to 12, although there is more to do for walkers. Inside...

Buzz Zone at the Beckenham Spa

Buzz Zone at The Beckenham Spa caters for babies, toddlers and children alike. There is a specific area for under fours and then larger...

Toddler’s World, Greenwich

Toddler’s World is a gym-style soft play drop-in session that takes place in a light, bright room in the basement of the new Greenwich...

Little Rascals, Bellingham

Soft play for under eights. Three levels of enclosed obstacles, slides, crash mats and ball pits. Must take off shoes and keep on socks. Nice size...