Cinema – it’s like telly, but massive. Kids love telly.

Kids love massive telly. Kids love massive telly where you get to eat popcorn and drink fizzy drinks that are bigger than your own head. They get to watch telly and you get a 90 minute nap – more if there are plenty of adverts. It’s win-win.

The only exception to this is if you take my two year old to the cinema. Then it’s like going to the gym. 90 minutes of climbing up and down the stairs and testing every seat in the cinema. Not so win-win.

Why not sleep off a Gin hangover in one of our recommended cinemas. They are all recommended by mums who may or may not have had a comfortable nap in them (what happens in the cinema, stays in the cinema). And I promise you don’t have to take my toddler…… unless you want to. In which case, help yourself. 

If you know of any others, please let us know.

Cineworld, Greenwich

This is a very trendy cinema and great for older kids. The cinema is inside the 02 and situated almost in the dome so...

Greenwich Picturehouse

Greenwich Picturehouse is a wonderful cinema in the heart of Greenwich. They have such a wide array of films available to see, from old...

ODEON, Surrey Quays

This is a nine screen cinema situated in the Surrey Quays leisure park, it’s close to other local leisure facilities such as bowling and...