Courgette & Carrot Pesto Pie

Prepare time:
Ready in:

Curly wurly yummy pie!


  • One package ready-made puff pastry
  • 3 courgette
  • 3 carrots
  • 130g fresh pesto
  • 250g ricotta
  • Salt, pepper


1Roll out your dough into a pie dish.
2Slice the courgette and carrots lengthwise into long thin strips, with a potato peeler or a mandolin.
3Mix pesto and ricotta, half of each, with a little salt and pepper.
4Spread some ricotta-pesto mix on the strips of carrot and courgette.
5Roll the strips somewhat tightly together, so they looks like a rosebud. (Yes, albeit a pesto-smeared, green one.) This is finicky, but the rolls held together well.
6Alternate carrot and courgette, rolling until you have a good sized roll.
7Lift it carefully over onto pastry, and add last strips to fill the dish.
8Tuck the pastry edges over.
9If you have extra pesto-ricotta, feel free to spoon it into the crevices.
10Bake at 200C until it looks done! Time and temperature depends on your pastry and oven.


Make this a (less pretty) speedy supper by roughly chopping the veg and mixing with the ricotta &pesto rather than slicing and layering.

By Lis Dukes

Founder of MGF, Helen is a mum of four who spends way too much time on the interweb and not enough time in bed. She loves wearing her dressing gown, car boot sales and watching TV programmes featuring food. Her specialist subjects include 'how to overfill your car boot' and 'how to avoid dusting'. Follow her at Twitter: @Ginfund, Facebook: @MGFund, Instagram: @mummysginfund and online: