Cornflake Chicken

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Dinner was made entirely by my 4yr old tonight and both kids ate the whole lot! The extra cruchy cornflake bits that fell off the chicken were fought over like chocolate!


  • Chicken mini fillets
  • Buttermilk (or yoghurt, mayonaise or ketchup) to stick the cornflakes on with
  • Cornflakes, crushed


1Dip the raw chicken into buttermilk.

2Tip into a plastic bag filled with crushed cornflakes.

3Shake, shake, shake.
4Bake in 200c oven for 20min.


You can also stick the cornflakes on with ketchup, yoghurt, mayonnaise or egg.
Cornflakes can be replaced with rice crispies.
The cornflakes can be whizzed in the food processor with added herbs and spices to create your own (much healthier) version of ‘fried’ chicken.
Buttermilk can be made with lemon juice and milk.

By Jessica Inman

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