The Gin Fund Business Club – Come and Join Us


Are you struggling to grow your business on your own?

Would you like a team of experts to teach you the skills and strategies you need to grow your business without burning out?

What about a squad of like-minded small business owners to bounce ideas off, give you a little shove or just have a sneaky cuppa with?

If the answer’s a ‘hell yeah’, you need the Gin Fund Business Club.

It’s everything you miss about being at work, without having to go back.

It’s a ‘HUG IN A CLUB’

The Club is helping small business owners feel less alone, less overwhelmed and more confident when it comes to making business decisions.

They tell me that they’ve ‘found their tribe’ and they are loving what they are learning from my team of experts: the Hel’s Angels.

Questions are answered quickly, feedback is given honestly and advice is shared generously.

The only thing missing is you.


You’ll Get:

  • Monthly FREE website reviews / SEO advice and support from Rosie – our Website Angel
  • Monthly group mindset training and support from qualified CBT therapist Clare – our Mindset Angel
  • Monthly masterclasses teaching you practical skills to help you build a successful business from our team of Experts in PR, resilience, copyrighting, legal advice, social media, community building and so much more.
  • A closed facebook group community of like-minded people to share ideas and feedback and get support
  • Monthly networking – a chance to collaborate and make connections
  • A weekly tea-break- do you miss laughing with colleagues and having someone to chat to – we’ll be sharing an online cuppa and talking about non-work related stuff.
  • A monthly social media Q&A with Rubbi – learn how to get the most bang for your social media posts
  • Weekly shout out on MGF instagram stories
  • The opportunity to host MGF events and workshops
  • The opportunity to go live on the MGF social media channels (FB or Insta) with Helen
  • Daily access to Helen from MGF for advice and support
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Access to private Facebook group
Monthly masterclasses
Monthly social media training and Q&As
Monthly networking events
Support and cheerleading from Helen
Go live into MGF with Helen
Go live on Instagram with Helen
Weekly Instagram shout outs
Blogs for the MGF website
Exclusive content throughout the year
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The Gin Fund Business Club –

The business besties you’ve always needed.

three pictures of Helen: one showing the victory salute, one with her family and one of an MGF market stall.


I’m Helen. I started MGF 8 years ago when my 3rd baby (a boy!) was just 14 days old. The short story is that I’d already had 2 girls and wanted to start a Facebook group to buy boys stuff and sell girls clothes in (hence the name Mummy’s Gin Fund).

The long story is that I was suffering from massive PTSD after the premature birth of my second girl. I was traumatised and lonely and a bit of a mess. So by building the buy and sell group,  I actually built the community I wished I’d had when she was born (hence our battle cry #nomumleftbehind).

Fast forward a few years and history is repeating itself. I’ve now got 4 kids and 3 businesses and a job (I know… I know…). and it turns out that the PTSD I thought I’d buried hadn’t actually gone anywhere. So, chuck in a ridiculous amount of work (think 50 hours a week) and a pandemic and my slightly dodgy mental health packed up and I had a breakdown. I worked myself into a massive burnout situation where Mr Gin had to dress me and carry me to the car so I could leave the house – it was UGLY and painful and horrible and I’m determined that no other  business owners, freelancers or self-employed people are going to go through the same thing.

This isn’t a get-rich-quick-6-figure-guru group – this is us, running our businesses our way – but together.  Let’s just say, I had the breakdown so you don’t have to!

Cheers, Helen 🙂