Camber Sands

“Camber, located east of the ancient town of Rye, has over seven miles of award winning beach, and much of it is golden sands! It is home to the only sand dune system in East Sussex, which provides a valuable natural habitat to many animals and plants.” (The Rother District website)


Camber is the sort of beach that resembles a small child’s drawing of ‘the seaside’. There are miles of golden sand, streams for children to paddle in once the tide has gone out, boats on the horizon, waves, shells, seagulls, ice-cream, deckchairs and windbreaks for hire.  It is packed with families and in the evening is used by local riders to exercise their ponies. It’s a 90 minute drive from SE London and is worth checking the tide times and getting there early; on extremely sunny August weekends, the beach car parks are all full soon after 10.00 a.m.
The tide comes in quickly at Camber and regularly catches families unawares – we’ve seen lots of parents with buggies stranded once the sand island they have parked their buggy on has been surrounded by the incoming tide! Although there is a beach patrol on the beach itself, this isn’t the same as a lifeguard and as the uneven sand that gives rise to perfect-for-paddling streams at low tide is the very same sand that is beneath the waves at high tide, so a single step forward can be the difference between being in waist-deep water and being in shoulder-deep water.
We love spending days at Camber Sands but would recommend that visitors of all ages wear wraparound sunglasses (even if it’s not sunny!) to protect their eyes from the sand that gets whipped up by the winds that race across the beach.

Address: Old Lydd Road, Camber Sands, TN31 7RH.


Playground: Not at the beach but there is a small playground on Lydd Road, next to the village hall.

Café: There are a couple of cafés on the beach itself.  The larger one (next to the shops selling inflatables) charges extortionate rates for fish and chips; you are better off walking up Sea Road to The Pelican.

Toilets: Yes. In the main car park alongside the Police point and beach office. Includes accessible toilet.

Pram / wheelchair / mobility friendly: Camber is a sandy beach that runs from the central car park towards Rye harbour. Beyond the beach café, towards Jury’s Gap and the Kite Surf Centre, the beach becomes increasingly pebbly. Wheelchair users and owners of pushchairs with wheels designed for cool, urban living will find their wheels struggle in the fine sand. If the wheelchair/pushchair’s passenger doesn’t mind their transport being tipped back and dragged through the sand, they will be able to access more of the beach but it’s not the easiest of beaches to access on wheels. The dunes aren’t wheel-friendly.

Parking: The main car park is at the very end of Old Lydd Road and has 80 spaces but opens a further 180 in an overflow field/car park. It is a pay-on-entry car park and is the best place to park to be near the loos, tide times and Police point. The cost of parking for a full day (six+ hours) is £12 in the summer, £6 at other times of the year. There is a much larger, seasonal car park opposite The Gallivant on New Lydd Road.

Nearest Station: Rye (via 711 bus) or Winchelsea.

Phone: Coast Office will provide information specifically about beach facilities 01797 225207.

Email: none.


“Access to the beach is direct from a number of public car parks. The unbroken length and quality of both beach and sea water enable Camber Sands to accommodate almost every type of beach activity.
To make the beach a safe environment for the family, the beach is zoned to separate activities such as kite surfing from more traditional beach users” (The Rother District website).


Review by Rebecca Asker.

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