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My kid's got more chromosomes

My Kid’s Got More Chromosomes Than Your Kid

Last year I wrote about what it was like to be pregnant with a baby with Down's Syndrome, and as World Down's Syndrome Day is upon us again and we are lining up #lotsofsocks,...

(For) Crying Out Loud – Who Is Looking After ME?

So, I’m supposed to be the steady, loving, caring, always available bastion for my kids. The one who gives them space when they need it, but is immediately available should they decide they want to...
Victorian Houses

Extending Your Period Home – An Introduction

As a domestic Architect based in South-East London, my main body of work is extensions… primarily ground floor extensions to period family homes. In a previous life, I’d spent my working days fashioning city warehouse...

Mother’s Day: A Feast Day For The Cult of Motherhood

This Mothering Sunday, what I’d really like is to sleep as peacefully as my husband does. I don’t mean in a ‘I’m always the one who wakes to get the baby’ way (far from it,...



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some more favourites

50% of MGF Card Sales To Be Donated To Appeal For Family Of MGF Mum & Nephew Killed In Penge Crash

The loss of our much loved MGF member, Rosie and her nephew Makayah is still...
overloaded car

5 Things I *HATE* About Daytrips With Toddlers

We’ve all been there: let’s do something different, something cultural would be good.  Why not...

It’s. Not. A. Competition.

It's Not a Competition.   I've written a few blogs of my own, my main one began...
Kermit The Frog

5 Things I *HATE* About Toy Shops

Oh, how I hate Toy Shops: Smyths, Toys r Us, Early Learning Centre and now...

A Letter To: My Sons, You Won’t Have A Sibling.

Dear 2D, You won’t have a little brother or sister. I’m sorry. I know you have...

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