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1 POSTS 1 COMMENTS Shenda, alongside being the proud mum of two beautiful girls and obviously a fitness fanatic, is a Level 3 REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) Advanced Diploma certified personal trainer – the highest qualification that can be achieved before working with the NHS. Not content to just offer ‘basic’ personal training, Shenda has also specialised in ante and postnatal, sports conditioning, boxing, special populations (elderly and children), outdoor exercise and core training. As no health and fitness regime would be complete without proper nutritional guidance, Shenda is also a nutritional coach that provides family friendly advice, support, meal plans and recipes. For outdoor enthusiasts, Shenda also runs 4 weekly bootcamps that cater to all levels – be you a new mum, marathon runner or an Iron Man competitor. These award winning evening, morning and weekend classes take place at Greenwich Peninsula and the Friday and Saturday morning sessions are designed so you can bring your baby and bigger kids – childcare is expensive and a hassle after all! So whatever your stage in life, or whatever your goals or training/ nutritional needs maybe, Shenda can help… For more information or to book a free bootcamp trial or personal training consultation, please do get in touch by emailing [email protected]