8 Reasons to try Booze-Free Booze


A few years back, I might have looked at this post title and spat out my perfectly mixed G&T: ‘What on earth is the point of booze-free booze?!’, I might have spluttered. But I’m now a bit older and wiser and the times they are a changin’.

In my younger days there were some things I could never quite imagine actually happening: that I would get wrinkles (pass me the coconut oil so I can literally ROAST in the sun for another few hours); that I wouldn’t recognise a single song in the pop charts (do the pop charts even still exist?); or that I would ever stop wanting to go out partying at the weekend, with a drink or two (or ten).

But twenty years down the line, I’ve had to concede that I don’t actually have magical powers to stop the cruel hand of time and I’m not the one exception to the universal laws of aging (now that is a bummer). On top of that, these days I often feel like a nasty hangover is just too high a price to pay for a night of drunken silliness – yes, I’ve gone sensible in my old age.

So when I was given the chance to sample Teetotal G&Ts from The Temperance Spirit Company, I thought they might be just the thing for those times when you might not want a drink, or you might not want ANOTHER drink. Thinking about it, there are lots of occasions when these little bevvies might go down quite well, like…


  1. You’re preggers (and the sight of one more cranberry and soda will make you cry)
  2. It’s a school night
  3. You’re breastfeeding and trying to keep booze levels down a bit
  4. You’re driving (one real G&T followed by one Teetotal one works a treat)
  5. You’re underage (wishful thinking on my part)
  6. You’re too tired for a hangover
  7. You’re boring (JOKE)
  8. It tastes good! While the Teetotal G&T doesn’t taste like the real thing, it is comparable: it has the pleasant citrusy freshness of a G&T and a nice balance of bitter and sweet that makes it taste like a proper grown up drink.


And if I haven’t convinced you to try a booze alternative, well it seems it’s not just me who thinks it’s a good idea. It’s a bit of a shocker, but our great nation – known around the world for its pubs on every corner, for its shameless binge boozing, where it is considered a badge of honour to be able to down 5 espresso martinis followed by 3 black Sambuca shots (yeurgh!) without throwing up –  is slowing down on its drinking. And it’s not just oldies like me; apparently a fifth of British adults under 25 are now teetotal (probably because they’re all addicted to social media and Netflix instead but that’s another story).

So if you want to be one of the cool kids jumping on the booze-free trend, you’re in luck! The lovely folk at The Temperance Spirit Company are offering a case of 12 yummy Teetotal G&Ts to one lucky winner. Just head over to our Facebook page and comment on the pinned competition post  to enter!

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